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Ask HN: Who Is Hiring Remote Workers? (First Edition, November 2010)
213 points by sleight42 on Nov 1, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 85 comments
Similar to the "Who is Hiring" thread but, please, remote positions only.

Remote and co-lo'd work posts should be kept separate. Many of us who work remotely tend to work exclusively remotely.

Americas and Europe (remote): SpiderOak is looking for help in engineering, marketing, and customer service.

Since 2006, SpiderOak provides an easy, consolidated free online backup, sync, sharing, access & storage solution for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux with a zero-knowledge approach to customer privacy. We use Python, Django, web.py, WSGI, jQuery, PostgreSQL, nginx, and varnish, with some occasional heavy-lifting help from C and Erlang.

SpiderOak is a distributed, virtual company - we all set our own work schedule and work from home, coffee shops, or anywhere that can provide a stable Internet connection. We coordinate via Wikis, IRC, email, telepathy, and even face-to-face when possible. We don't bother with time sheets or other types of wage accounting -- we're a tight enough group that it would be obvious if someone wasn't doing her or his job.

We've noticed that some of the most accomplished people we know don't necessarily have polished or extensive resumes. As such, we don't care about formal education, age, gender, geographic location, resume, etc. We like smart people who love what they do and do it really well. Period.

The rest of the story is here: https://spideroak.com/blog/20101030125548-spideroak-is-growi...

Quick typo--the last sentence on https://spideroak.com/userprofiles, at the bottom: "on top of the all that, they pay less money"

Woops, I read this as Spideroak pays less money :)

Having used SpiderOak for the past few months, I would like to express my interest in working with you guys. Your technologies are exactly my field of expertise, so, email me (my email is in my profile, I can't find yours, sadly)?

> As such, we don't care about formal education, age, gender

Maybe I'm overly sensitive, but you may not want to list "age" and "gender" unless you're listing all the protected classes that you can't legally care about.

Only some ages (40+) and genders (female, possibly male, but not trans or any minority orientations) are protected in all of the USA.

Even those categories are not protected in the vast majority of the world. Plus, we need some kind of flourish to express the idea that a business is committed to equal opportunity.

I like "equal opportunity employer" for that, but it's been watered down.

There is an "etc" there. I mean it isn't like he wants to cloud the message with "transgenderism" or stuff that doesn't impact a large portion of the application base.

Looks like you have a bunch of spam comments on: https://spideroak.com/blog/20100928101634-spideroak-diy-a-sp... (And an unanswered customer complaint. :) )

MetaOptimize is hiring contractors for exciting project work building real-world NLP + machine learning systems. I have a lot of who cool project work for people who are good hackers, and can deliver fast and correct code and are self-starters.

This is for remote, short-term gigs. You can set your hours. The only requirement is that you kick ass and add value from day one.

Email your resume and/or github URL to joseph at metaoptimize dot com

We are looking for generalists and specialists:

* Hardcore programmers who learn new technologies and APIs quickly. * People with backgrounds in machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval, and/or search. Medium experience is fine, you don't have to have a PhD.

* Visualization programmers

Did I miss you? Send me an email anyway, and explain how you kick ass and are a self-starter.

Example things you might work on:

* Take this Python/Java program that operates in batch over textfiles, and convert it into a webservice (REST+JSON or XML-RPC or whatever) that operates real-time online (one document at a time).

* I have a NLP tool but the output is dirty. Build these simple text processing components to clean it up, e.g. by discarding low freq terms.

* Exploratory statistical analysis over data sets, to see if there are any interesting patterns. (More open ended)

* Take this code for a neural network, and write scripts that batch invoke the NN with different hyperparameters to do model selection.

Hey bravura,

Do you mind elaborating your process of hiring remote workers for short term gigs? Do you make them sign NDA agreements?

How do you make sure they are not abusing the code that you give them?


Typically, I do an email screen with a bunch of questions, to get a sense of how the applicant will fit in. (I apologize to applicants to whom I haven't responded yet. The response has been overwhelming so far, but it's important to me to give everyone a shot and not let someone good fall through the cracks.)

Depending upon whether I think they can take a leading role, I will ask them some hard open-ended NLP or ML puzzles over email. I will also do a skype screen going over a breadth of technical questions.

If I do want to work with someone, I send them a standard contractor agreement. It include a variety of clauses, including an NDA, as well as terms governing ownership of the code and IP developed, the payment schedule, etc. The NDA is extended to cover all NDAs that I sign on behalf of MetaOptimize, i.e. if MetaOptimize is working for client Foo, and you're working for MetaOptimize, then you are also bound by the Foo NDA agreement.

But a contract is only as good as the parties signing it, so to a certain extent I have to rely upon references and my gut to see if I trust the worker.

Does that answer your question?

Thanks, I am also thinking about hiring remote workers for ML style stuff, so this is very helpful indeed.

Europe (remote): The Open Knowledge Foundation is looking for Python Coders.

OKFN (http://okfn.org) is a non-profit organization promoting open knowledge: any kind of information – sonnets to statistics, genes to geodata – that can be freely used, reused, and redistributed.

In particular we're working on an open source data catalogue, CKAN (http://ckan.net) which is used by various governments (including the UK's http://data.gov.uk) as an open data registry. Other projects include WhereDoesMyMoneyGo.org, an interactive state spending visualization site, OpenShakespeare.org, WeavingHistory.org and many other sites.

Most of our projects are based on Python, Pylons, SQLAlchemy (although we're looking to go NoSQL mid-term). We also look for people who are good at JavaScript, in particular Protovis and other visualization toolkits.

If you're interested, ping me at friedrich.lindenberg@....org

Are you looking for unpaid volunteers, or if not, what kind of salary range is included ?

Sounds interesting, and I sent you a message. I am also curious about the type of help you're looking for right now - full/part-time work? Volunteer?

RentMineOnline (SeedCamp '08, FbFund '09) could use part-time remote help, anywhere between back-end (rails) to front-end (jquery/prototype/html/css)

git experience preferred.

bonus if you're familiar with {fb platform, amazon simpledb}

send me an email if interested (kevin at rentmineonline)

I'm confused. Why did someone downvote the above comment? I previously upvoted it. The comment is certainly topical and useful.



We're looking for senior (team-lead) and regular developers. It's a PHP job, and we exclusively hire remote workers. We have about 16 developers at the moment, but we're expanding because we have a lot of projects on the backburner that we'd like to get started on.

We only hire people who can do everything. You have to be able to write backend PHP code, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. We don't want to have people employed who we can't just point at any problem that comes up. (People do tend to find their own niche, admittedly.)

...unless you're a great search developer, in which case we'll hire you anyway and lock you in a small room where you will never do anything but improve our search. <3 <3 <3

I will warn you that, no matter how awesome you are, everyone we hire spends their first 90 days in the small-projects and bugfixes silo. We think that it's a great way to make sure that everyone knows the code.

Also, it's a 10 year old PHP codebase; we predate almost every PHP framework. We're running an in-house framework. Understand that you will have to deal with varying levels of code. :)


Your tech stack is right in my alley. Sending resume over now.

Sent my resume over this morning.

My resume is a website/page, how exactly do I submit that in this resumator thing? Reformatting a website as DOC/DOCX/PDF is a bit absurd.

Honestly speaking, if you are getting hung up on a problem as simple as this and can't seem to find a creative solution, YC may not be the best place to look for jobs.

I know this sounds harsh, but I really feel compelled to type it.

You've missed the point. I can generate a PDF/DOC in a minute. I can do it programmatically using a parser and a lib.

That's not what I'm getting at. The resumator thing is annoying.

People make note of far less serious UI mea culpas on here all the time. But when they want a job, they're suddenly willing to tolerate anything.

The hypocrisy here is astounding.

I feel like I'm being helpful if I point out a UI bug in another HNer's product, because that might help them to correct it and make it better.

I feel like it might be necessary to point out a bug in a product I've tried to use, as explanation for why I don't use that product (when the discussion is topical.)

I might be inclined to complain about the Resumator bug, if it so affected me, but only after I've used it to apply to the job I wanted, and definitely not instead of.

Regardless of exactly who is being hypocritical, the message you're sending is that the annoyance of using Resumator (a service that DeviantArt did not build) is greater than your desire for this job.

If I were the potential employer, I would assume that means one of a few things, all of which are harsh: - You're too lazy to submit your own resume, and would prefer someone contacted you in whatever manner most convenient to you - You're too good to submit your resume, and would prefer someone contacted you in whatever manner is most convenient to you - You don't like the job that much, but would definitely take a paycheck if someone who was willing to do the job for you would also pay you as though you'd done it - You're FAR too detail-oriented, refusing to lower yourself to the standards of a poorly designed resume submission method.

You can extrapolate out the rest if you like, as an exercise to the reader.

For what it's worth, I don't necessarily believe any of those things, but one of those is the impression I got reading your previous posts in this thread.

Yes, submitting for a job is an annoyance, and can be time consuming. It's part of the process.

It's far simpler than that. Everyone person in a position to make a hire has potentially irrational but commonly effective "cues" they use to sniff out if a candidate is a bad idea.

Such cues would be carelessness, lack of attention to detail, poor handwriting, anything that suits the fancy of the person doing the observing really.

As someone who's doing some casual sniffing about, I do the same thing. If I see indications that the company isn't the kind of place I'd enjoy working for, I figure it's cheaper/easier for me to never even bother than to potentially get into a position that makes me unhappy.

That is, if I see a job posting rife with misspellings (not that this one was, just an example), that requires PDF/DOC resume uploading (guilty, in this case, which is surprising on HN), or that is asking for more years of experience in a language that hasn't existed that long.

(I'm looking forward to the MINIMUM 5 YEARS OF CLOJURE EXPERIENCE posts)

They tripped a wire. I gave them a chance to explain/correct/laugh-with-me. None happened, instead I trigger the hypocritical and self-righteous horde of hackerne.ws

So the employer is allowed to have standards but I am not. Yeah, I see how it is.

I'd rather start my own company than deal with people who can retain that magnitude of cognitive dissonance and remain outwardly functional.

I don't think that anybody meant to imply that you weren't allowed to have standards.

Either you consider the job worthy of the annoyance of applying, or you don't. Given the latter, I see little point in bitching about the process while still soliciting employment.

Call me old-fashioned.

Way past soliciting employment, stop fixating on a moot point. As I said, I don't actually need a job, I was curious about their company.

Get to starting your own company. I'd be curious to see what comes of it.

Gainful employment is all about trading your tolerance for various things for money.

For what it's worth, I understand the point you are trying to make. I understand that you are not looking for a job. I understand that you do not hope to work for the company that requires a DOC/PDF/etc. document submission.

I agree that requiring a PDF/DOC/etc. is annoying and horrible UI and probably drives off some brilliant prospective employees.

And I have also had the experience you're having now, where it seems like everyone has agreed to ignore the point and belabour ad nauseum some other, tangentially related issue.

File->Print->PDFCreator. Takes like two seconds. Maybe 20 seconds if you don't already have PDFCreator installed.

And lose the links.

you can probably just send a link in a cover letter

No, no you can't. It requires an upload of a PDF/DOC/DOCX in order to submit the form.

Just an idea, but you'll probably find your time better spent building and submitting a doc, than complaining to your potential future employer.

I've passed job ads and headhunter calls that require resumes in Word only or just ignore it and submit in pdf/html/text.

See? I'm not the only one.

You are handling this differently in that you're having a fuss over it instead of just ignoring it.

It started with my making a note of it. It's other people that inflated the balloon with hydrogen, now I'm just riding it into the volcano.

I think the minute he starts complaining about the company, is the minute it's no longer appropriate to call it his future company!

Academically, he's trying to serve up a point. But he's potentially doing more damage to himself by doing so.


I don't need a job right now and as I mentioned elsewhere, this kind of thing usually takes a company out of the running for me anyway.

An employer that only accepts word and PDF documents for my 'resume' isn't one I want to work for. You'd think that'd be clear from my displeasure with their rather factory-oriented submission process.

I'm not in need of a job right now, I am poking around because I'd like to have some side work for when I leave the country. Not mandatory by any means.

Just an idea, but you may want to get off your high horse and go do something useful other than criticizing people trying to discuss something.


" I am poking around because I'd like to have some side work for when I leave the country" so you do need a job then, eh?

Is it safe to assume you won't be using your posting history on HN as a form of character reference? :)

I work remotely for Mozilla. We have both offices and remote workers all over the world. I work from home in Seattle, and I have teammates in Mountain View, Toronto, Paris, Vancouver, San Diego, and Pennsylvania. Even my manager is a remote worker.

See http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/careers for job listings, and check my profile for contact info if you have any questions.

I work remote for Mozilla in Salem NH. When a company has 300 employees and thousands of active community members, it has to be effective at distributed collaboration. We live in IRC and we even conduct our weekly staff meeting Mondays at 11 PST through http://air.mozilla.com

I live in Haverhill, MA. We need a Merrimack Valley HN meetup!

Eldarion is hiring Django developers (and freelancers). We're a web development company, and you'd be primarily working on client websites. We're big contributors to open source (every single one of senior developers is a committer to Django), and we believe in best practices.

You can find us online (http://eldarion.com/) or on twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/eldarion_team).

Our team is entirely distributed and we communicate primarily via IRC. If you're interested email James Tauber (jtauber at eldarion dot com), and if you have any questions you can email me (alex.gaynor@gmail.com).

PS: We're big fans of Lord of the Rings, I think company policy requires that you've seen it.

Canonical is always hiring for various positions, most of the engineering focused ones are remote:


Intridea is always interested in talking to smart people who want to work remotely. We do web dev (mostly Rails) and mobile development (pretty much all major platforms). E-mail me directly for more info.

You will need to put your email in the 'about' section on your profile. I've heard good things about working for Intridea.

Oops. Done! :)

I run a small independent consulting group with workers distributed all around the world. We are currently close to closing a project with Fortune 500 Consumer Electronics Company (sorry it is not Apple). I also have a project with a small but well funded company putting there business on-line. We are looking for experienced Flex, Java and Scala programmers. Send me an email and we can talk more about the projects.

Ruby Lane is looking for a software engineer in CA, FL, GA, IL, OK, PA, TN, TX (where we already have tax nexus) or UK. https://jobs.github.com/positions/3f32d3da-d6e6-11df-9745-71...

Our 12 year old codebase is mostly in TCL/AOLServer. TCL isn't that bad and can be learned in a couple of days. Big plus if we find someone strong in Javascript/jQuery and front-end design.

Almost all of Ruby Lane's staff is distributed with just a couple of regular workers in our SF office.

Code samples, Github URLs, or a good cover letter are just as important as a nice resume.

wow, TCL...is your code based on the OpenACS, or something else?

I'm looking for intermediate web developers. Part-time, contract basis, probably 3 to 9 months duration, but possibly longer.

Prospective candidates must:

* have code samples demonstrating adequate skill and knowledge in: Ruby, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, SQL

* be very familiar with using: the shell (Linux/UNIX), SSH, git, MVC

* be able and willing to put in a minimum of 2 hours of billable work per week

* be able to touch base with me at least twice a week

Ideal candidates would:

* have experience with many of: Ramaze, AJAX, PostgreSQL, MySQL, an ORM, Google APIs, Pivotal Tracker

* be able and willing to put in 5+ hours a week

* be able to touch base with me at least once every 48 hours via IRC

The project involves a mix of technologies because we're transitioning from legacy code (PHP).

If you are interested, email me at [hnhiring.pistos aet purepistos.net] Code samples will be accepted in either tarball or URL form.


We are: http://sucuri.net.

Looking for senior C developers (with a good background in security)


Looking for people with a Linux sys admin background, strong security foundation and also proficient with scripting languages (shell, perl, php). Mainly to help us automate, update, manage and clean up infected sites running Wordpress, Joomla, etc ,etc.

Email me dd@sucuri.net for more details.

Seattle, WA (downtown) - www.bluegecko.net

Blue Gecko (a managed database services company) is looking for a intermediate to advanced MySQL DBA. If you're a seasoned PostgreSQL DBA we'd also love to talk to you.

We're a smallish (< 50 folks) company who has been in this space since 2001. Our corporate culture is very remote-work friendly and flexible. Currently we have three folks who are 100% remote workers, and many others who do it at least two days a week.

We've previously hired an HN reader, and he's worked out great!

Questions? mikeh<whirlpool>bluegecko.net

litl is hiring: http://litl.com

We're a Boston-based startup (but with many remote employees) building simple, maintenance-free and internet-focused computers. Our first product is called the webbook and we're currently working on our second device, a TV-centric computer.

Our software team has built a new, Linux-based user interface.

Our main offices are in Boston and London, but we have many people around the world who work out of their homes. The teams are loosely organized around tasks in each release, and as there isn't a lot of over-the-shoulder management -- in fact, the software team management is remote -- people are expected to be self-motivating. Most meetings happen over video conference, and the others are by phone. A couple of times a year we may have people come to Boston.

We're looking for:

* Build/release/tools engineers. These people will develop and shape our software release processes. There are actually two positions available. One for our operating system and one for our "Channels" (our analog to apps). These positions would also entail building tools to make development life easier.

* QA engineers. In particular we're looking for people with some programming experience to improve our testing tools and automation.

* Software developers. We have a few areas in which we're looking for specialization, but the main thing we care about is that you're really good. Some things we're interested in:

  - OpenGL
  - X
  - Linux kernel
  - Linux desktop technologies (GObject, GTK, etc.)
  - Google Chromium codebase
  - User-space audio/video stacks
  - Embedded and microcontroller developers
  - JavaScript runtimes
  - Software rasterization

I have some questions. Could you send me an email so that I can get in touch? My address is on my profile page.

Treesaver is looking for iOS & Android development help.

We've built a sophisticated JS framework for creating adaptable page and column based layouts, and are launching this month with our first clients. We work beautifully in all sorts of browsers, but many of our clients are also interested in app store distribution.

Although the core layout is done by hosting a web browser, there is still a need for data management/sync and other features in native code. We've got a working iOS app for our first client, but need some short-term help generalizing it for our clients.

Previous press coverage:

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/11/business/media/11nomad.htm... http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/08/meet-treesaver-a-new-...

If this sounds interesting, email me at: filipe at <this hn user name>.com

My just launched startup - videolla.com is looking for remote sales/marketing/blogger/biz dev/everything. Basically its a small gig, but if this idea proves itself might turn into full-time something. Might be great for intern/student/part-time. Small salary + commission + bonuses. Email vlad /a/ videolla.com

Extra bonus ifyou can code on Rails

Is the support address the best way to reach you?

For those who missed the other thread.. There were many jobs posted (though primarily non-remote positions): http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1855569

Great Ask HN idea ... I'll definitely be keeping my eyes on this section. Anyone for a tech writer experienced at writing detailed how-to articles and general blog posts?

Exorbyte (http://www.exorbyte.com) is hiring remote List Researchers: people who can provide us with lists of online stores for our sales staff to call on for our new SaaS Ecommerce Search engine (http://commerce.exorbyte.com). We already have someone in the Philippines. Contact: infous AT exorbyte.com

prgmr.com is always looking for new people for short-term gigs (which sometimes turn in to longer term employment)

You need to be able to communicate intelligibly in English, as I'm a monoglot, but long-term I've been considering the Brazilian market, so meeting some more people who know Portuguese would probably be good, though this is not a requirement.

I want to be up front; we don't pay a lot. If you are good and experienced, you can probably do a whole lot better. I'm looking for intelligent and enthusiastic.

On the upside, we are an excellent place for a 'foot in the door' kind of job for someone who is trying to build experience. Work schedules tend to be extremely flexible and I absolutely don't care where you are, as long as you have access to an internet connection.

What kind of gigs do you usually have? web development, design, other?

sysadmin type stuff. mostly figuring out how to set up or modify program X to do what we need. I also have automation/scripting work, and yeah, a little bit of CGI/web stuff, but I like that on the very simple end.

We will be looking for a good LAMP developer (PHP) in the next few months to do new development on an existing e-commerce site.

Hours would vary between 40 to 160 per month on an ongoing basis.

Graphic and design skills are highly desirable, but not necessary.

Please send Resume/CV/Website to: rmpffi@gmail.com

We are; Bit Zesty - Dev's with experience in Rails/MongoDB/could computing

See the full listing: http://bitzesty.theresumator.com/apply/uKDfa0/Ruby-On-Rails-...

Need Django help, entry level OK, part time (~10hrs/wk) contracting.

Lots of questions about what we do. sorry for not being clear, I was on my way out the door.

We are a small agency (2 people currently) and we just have too much work, most of what I'm willing to share is small business websites, testing, documentation. I also have some work around managing our deployment that I'd like done.

IntoMobile is looking for talented lead software developer utilizing PHP and Javascript to help customize our WordPress blog and build our custom community website. Previous job experience is not required.


Solid mid to advanced level ability in PHP5 website development and optimization. Experience with MySQL query design and optimization. (optimizing indexes, query analysis) Ability to work with and edit basic web user interfaces in HTML and CSS by hand (without the aid of a WYSIWYG editor). Bonus:

Familiarity with the internal operations of WordPress, creating WordPress plugins from scratch and interacting with all aspects of WordPress's core operations. You must be able to independently solve problems and acquire new skills on the fly to meet project goals.

We need a creative, detail and results oriented, self starter willing to give their best and be able to produce quality work on a timely basis, performing the job thoroughly and accurately so that the next person can do theirs. You will work as part of a team as well as individually, while being focused on a common goal.

This is an immediate opening for a long term, work from home, full-time contract position. Contract rate is commiserate with experience. Please provide salary history and salary requirements. Also, please indicate if you are legally authorized to work in the U.S. and, if you will now, or in the future, require sponsorship for employment visa status (H-1B visa).

We have several projects for this person to work on currently with more on the horizon so ideally this would be a full-time contract position that would ultimately turn into a full-time permanent team member. We'd prefer someone local, but we know that talent is sometimes hard to come by so we're willing to work with someone offsite, as long as you reside in the same time zone (PST), you are available during normal business hours, and you are an individual not a company or company rep.

Learn more about us here: http://www.intomobile.com/about/

See other positions we're hiring for: http://www.intomobile.com/jobs/

Apply Email us at 6530@jobs.authenticjobs.com with an updated resume highlighting your relevant experience. We will NOT review applications that don't include a resume and salary requirement. PDF files are preferred.

We hire remote workers. If you're curious what we do, I just put together a slideshow on how we're using JRuby and Rails to replace our old Java infrastructure piecemeal: http://portal.sliderocket.com/AIMWD/Replacing-Java-Increment...

zferral is looking for talented & passionate team members.

Front & Back End (PHP)

Email me - let's chat!

Los Angeles-based healthcare company seeks All-Star Dev Ops (Network / Sys Admin)

Who we are

We make access to quality healthcare easy and affordable, via web-based tools and information. Our service combines a unique ranking technology to match patients with local doctors. Once there's a match, users on our site can easily schedule appointments online, receive electronic appointment reminders, get pre-negotiated discounts on fees and complete their medical history forms before they arrive at the doctor's office. We are, simply, the best way to visit a doctor.


· Configure and troubleshoot systems and networks

· Monitor site stability, availability and performance

· Ensure highest level of system and network security

· Log and monitor critical data and systems

· Document system design, environment and procedures

· Coordinate with team members on corporate systems, network and IT disaster recovery plan

· Carry a pager and stay accessible

· Scripting in python

· Writing and maintaining cron jobs

· Develop custom tools as necessary

· Apply patch or firmware updates as necessary


· Strong experience with Ubuntu, Apache, Nginx, Postgresql, Python and Linux or UNIX system administration

· 3+ years experience working in professional productions environments

· Solid experience in scaling LAMP applications

· Proven ability to creatively solve problems with a logical approach

· Experience with configuration management, monitoring, trending, network design, backups

· Strong scripting skills

· Knowledge of best practices related to security, performance, and disaster recovery

· Excellent communication and organizational skills with strong attention to details

· Bachelors Degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent working experience


· Experience with HIPAA and PCI compliance a plus

· Familiarity with Django and WSGI

· Experienced in developing estimates for design and deployment of the infrastructure solution for the engagement.

· Experience at a large-scale consumer internet site

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe strongly that a diverse team is a strategic advantage.

Please fill in the application if interested: http://organicstartup.theresumator.com/apply/6WEcxw/Los-Ange....

I'm hiring remote workers.

But I use oDesk.

And what's wrong with that? Just mention your job details and then agree with the contractor on payment and platform.

I didn't understand the question. I was thinking it was a survey or something. Well, if anyone's interested, I'm always looking to connect with PHP developers and front-end people who are passionate about social applications :)

And how to get in touch with you? You should put an email or something.

Use the link at http://magarshak.com

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