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10 services web developers should know (medium.com)
42 points by harijoe 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I would add sentry.io error logging to this list. Very happy customer. We use them heavily and it’s been really helpful identifying production issues that miss testing.

I don't quite see the point of this?

"Crisp chat" - there's tonnes of these things, what makes this one the one to know? Where's Let's Encrypt, which i'd argue is more important than the lot?

"10 web services I use and like" would be a better title imo.

I realized many developers ignore these services. That's why I find it useful to share.

Developers ignore Stripe?!

Again it would be more useful if you explained why they better to use than the ones we've heard of. The title should be "10 services I use".

Sure comparisons would be very interesting to list as well, maybe for a next post! This one is more beginner-oriented and I think it already brings value to some readers.

I wish there would be a comprehensive list of timesavers like this somewhere!

I was thinking of making a website for this. This post is actually a way to test if there is any interest.

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