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I've been working on a similar tool: https://github.com/ggerganov/kbd-audio (see the 'keytap' tool). Not sure how well it works yet, as I have made tests only with my setup. There is a live page that anyone can experiment with.

This is incredible work. Very well done! Have you posted this to Show HN yet?

Thanks! I haven't posted it yet, as I want to test how reliable is the approach. I know it does not work with non-mechanical keyboards at all (most likely because the key sounds are quiet) and I have tested it only with my mechanical keyboard.

Then I must apologize as I've already posted it to Twitter where it's getting a lot of really positive reactions: https://mobile.twitter.com/feross/status/1068038193868460032

It worked pretty well on my keyboard! Let me know if you'd prefer me to delete the tweet.

Wow! Thanks so much!

Please, don't delete the tweet. Hopefully I can collect feedback. Thanks again!

What kind of keyboard do you have?

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