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There's a very neat interactive map of BGP nodes/peerings on dn42 at http://nixnodes.net/dn42/graph/

Wow!. This is incredible. You can get peering info (contacts, parameters, etc) for every AS.

Edit: Looking at the IPv6 view, I see no reason why OnionCat and GarlicCat couldn't peer. It's just that gateways would be needed. And that could chew up humongous bandwidth.

Those come from a WHOIS daemon that is reachable in the network as whois.dn42. There's also an authoritative DNS system for the .dn42 TLD with anycasted resolvers

    % dig whois.dn42 @resolver.nic.dn42 any +short
as well as some ACME implementation with a CA that is constrained to the .dn42 domain and the allocated IP space.

   % openssl x509 -in /etc/ssl/certs/dn42_Root_Authority_CA.pem -noout -text
                X509v3 Name Constraints:
So there's quite some stuff to do and learn about.

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