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Quite excited for this! We have currently been experimenting with using DynamoDB, and managing our own rollups of our incoming data (previously on an RDS, which is not a good choice for this kind of data).


I've seen a lot of people complain about pricing, so I thought I'd share a little why we are excited about this:

We have approximately 280 devices out, monitoring production lines, sending aggregated data every 5 seconds, via MQTT to AWS IoT. The average messages published that we see is around ~2 million a day (equipment is often turned off, when not producing). The packet size is very small, and highly compressable, each below 1KB, but let's just make it 1KB.

We then currently funnel this data into Lambda, which processes it, and puts it into DynamoDB and handles rollups. The costs of that whole thing is approximately $20 a day (IoT, DynamoDB, Lambda and X-Ray), with Lambda+DynamoDB making up $17 of that cost.

Finally, our users look at this data, live, on dashboards, usually looking at the last 8 hours of data for a specific device. Let's throw around that there will be 10,000 queries each day, looking at the data of the day (2GB/day / 280devices = 0.007142857 GB/device/day).


Now, running the same numbers on the AWS Timestream pricing[0] (daily cost):

- Writes: 2million * $0.5/million = $1

- Memory store: 2 GB * $0.036 = $0.072

- SSD store: (2GB * 7days) * $0.01 (GB/day) * 7days = $0.98

- Magnetic store: (2 GB * 30 days) * $0.03 (GB/month) = $1.8

- Query: 10,0000 queries * 0.007142857GB/device/day --> 71GB = free until day 14, where it'll cost $10, so $20 a month.

Giving us: $1 + $0.072 + $0.98 + $1.8 + ($20/30) = $4.5/day.

From these (very) quick calculations, this means we could lower our cost from ~$20/day to ~$4.5/day. And that's not even taking into account that it removes our need to create/maintain our own custom solution.

I am probably missing some details, but it does look bright!

[0] https://aws.amazon.com/timestream/pricing/

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