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Ask HN: Who Is Hiring? (November 2010 Edition)
157 points by bgentry on Nov 1, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 127 comments
Please lead with the positions' locations.

--edit-- And make it clear if working remotely is a possibility! (thanks cperciva)



New York, NY

Mountain View, CA


Our M.O.: take a strong systems dev, strap them into a chair, force their eyelids open with little metal braces, and dropper saline into their eyes while forcing them to watch Eric S. Raymond videos. Competence + bloodlust = excellence in security research.

Here I'm supposed to tell you that "building something people want is overrated". It is. But building things is fun, and we have something particularly fun to build.

Want to run a new product team for a thriving company packed to the gills with people smarter and more well-balanced than me? Our product domains: Appsec. Bare-metal HTTP. Scale (storage, network, compute). Your qualifications: Can ship, can get on the phone with customers.

Interested? We'll tell you more on the phone.

We've never taken a dollar of funding. We've been profitable and growing for years. HN has been one of our best hiring vectors. You can't waste my time. tqbf - matasano.com.


I did some work in Thomas' Chicago office with them this summer. If I were looking for a day job, I wouldn't be looking for a day job any more: they're friendly, happy people who get social license to join the Dark Side, do smart stuff all day, and then go home while it is still light out. --'patio11

Feel like you're too nice to your software? Too ready to suppress your impulse to rip the faceplate off your gear, expose the bare wires, and jumper random things together to see what blows up? Our intensive program may be for you.

Let it go without saying: if you're interested in being a security researcher, we're a fantastic place to do it. We build hypervisors, test chipsets, write debuggers, and get to dig ourselves into the Tauntaun carcasses of the world's most interesting applications. We are always looking for security researchers. If you like: you bring some systems programming game, and we'll supply the appsec training.

I know this is probably a bit early for it, but is there any chance of internship positions being open for this coming summer?

WE LOVE INTERNS. When you're ready, we're ready. Drop me a line.

What do you mean by "bringing systems programming game"? What kind of experience would qualify?

We work in a lot of different application domains; the common denominator is "low level". So:

* If you're interested in web security, you'd want to be conversant in protocol-level HTTP; a good acid test might be "could quickly implement chunked encoding".

* If you're interested in OS security, you'd want to be conversant in virtual memory management and system call interfaces; a good acid test might be "could implement the userland side of a system call without using the library stubs".

* If you're interested in software security, you'd want to be conversant in C/C++.

If you're interested in security research at all, feel free to email me. You can't waste my time. The only reason any of these technical items are here is that we hope they'll be attractive to the people we want to hire; we're not trying to disqualify anyone.

This does sound interesting, unfortunately I fall just short of being able to implement chunked encoding, so maybe in the future!

EDIT: I am no longer unable to implement chunked encoding. That wasn't complicated at all. I have no idea why I'm telling you all.

Did you enjoy figuring that out and making it work? That's pretty much the whole job, except, replace "chunked encoding" with "every warped undocumented proprietary protocol anyone has ever built", and replace the payoff of "now I know how chunked coding works" to "now I can make withdrawals from other people's bank accounts".

It was quite enjoyable, but I suspect that finding how undocumented protocols work by changing a value here or there to see how the transmission changes is much more exciting...

You may find this is the case with a lot of topics commonly considered 'black magic' - the real determinant IMO is whether you enjoy work that requires a high attention to detail! :)

That's true, I just thought the protocol would be more esoteric and with more corner cases than that :)

Forward Internet Group in London, UK: http://www.forward.co.uk

We're a young entrepreneurial company that bootstrapped its way from its founder bedroom to a 150-strong company with very healthy profits in 6 years without any external capital.

We are behind uswitch.com, getinvisiblehand.com, omio.com, justcages.co.uk, petvillas.co.uk, forward3d.co.uk etc.

You can take a look at who we are and what we do at http://www.forwardtechnology.co.uk.

One of our guys created statefulapp.com during the recent Rails Rumble (been on the frontpage of HN recently), many others contribute to open source.

We have been doubling our revenues every single year (up to £100m in 2010) and plan to continue to do it as long as possible. So, we need great people!

We're looking for great developers (and many other roles too) to work on a variety of exciting online projects. We use Clojure, Ruby, Hadoop, Node.js, Sinatra etc.

Above all we're looking for smart, ambitious, entrepreneurial people. Full job spec is here: http://www.forward.co.uk/careers or here: http://www.forwardtechnology.co.uk/

And it's fun to work here: you choose the hardware you want, you buy the books you need, the hours are flexible, no dress code, the people are reasonable and the entertainment budget is generous: for example the entire company hangs out in Las Vegas night clubs and casinos for 4 days every December and we've just returned from Disneyland in Paris (birthday celebrations).

To find out more email me at evgeny.shadchnev@forward.co.uk with your CV.

Web Engineer -- SeatGeek -- New York, NY


We're looking for a generalist web engineer who is super-hungry and sees building web apps as more than just a job. We're a data-driven web app that's trying to use analytics and exceptional UX to making buying event tickets a wholly better experience. #Python #PHP #MySQL #MongoDB #Javascript

Competitive comp, outstanding benefits, and a team that has a lot of fun together. Only looking for folks in NYC.

Our job application process involves a series of (hopefully) quick mini-puzzles. Details here: http://seatgeek.com/blog/hiring/henceforth-all-job-applicant...

Americas and Europe (remote): SpiderOak is looking for help in engineering, marketing, and customer service.

Since 2006, SpiderOak provides an easy, consolidated free online backup, sync, sharing, access & storage solution for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux with a zero-knowledge approach to customer privacy. We use Python, Django, web.py, WSGI, jQuery, PostgreSQL, nginx, and varnish, with some occasional heavy-lifting help from C and Erlang.

SpiderOak is a distributed, virtual company - we all set our own work schedule and work from home, coffee shops, or anywhere that can provide a stable Internet connection. We coordinate via Wikis, IRC, email, telepathy, and even face-to-face when possible. We don't bother with time sheets or other types of wage accounting -- we're a tight enough group that it would be obvious if someone wasn't doing her or his job.

We've noticed that some of the most accomplished people we know don't necessarily have polished or extensive resumes. As such, we don't care about formal education, age, gender, geographic location, resume, etc. We like smart people who love what they do and do it really well. Period.

The rest of the story is here: https://spideroak.com/blog/20101030125548-spideroak-is-growi...

I'm a little surprised at the number of "no remote" in this thread. I've done some great work remotely, and with the right tools I think a team can "gel" and really work well together. Any comments?

"I'm a little surprised at the number of "no remote" in this thread. I've done some great work remotely, and with the right tools I think a team can "gel" and really work well together. Any comments?"

In my experience, remote work is offered to specific individuals who are already known to the people making the offer - through a shared work history, impressive open source contributions, a recommendation by a trusted person, unique knowledge/skillsets etc. You don't generally see ads for these.

People who put out generic ads looking for fairly generic skill sets etc, have plenty of choice locally and/or don't know anyone, remote or otherwise, who could fill that position. They are, in a sense just throwing an ad out there (or a post on HN), hoping to find someone who'll come into the office and work locally. Why go through the hassle of wading through the thousands of resumes you'll get from all over the world (and you will!), 99.99% of which are crap ?

I get approached for remote work all the time. Partly this is because I have a somewhat uncommon skill set and partly because I know/have worked with a lot of ultra sharp people and they remember me when they need someone. Most of the time I have to turn them down because I am already on a project and so not free - which is a common situation. As with "normal" jobs, the people you want often have great jobs/projects already and have no intention of "moving".

Fwiw, I know half a dozen or so people here in Bangalore who are working remotely for companies in the USA. In every case remote work was offered to them (no one ever sent in a CV) because they were known to be very good at what they do and had no intention of moving to San Fransisco (or wherever).

Remote work can be a win-win but a distributed team has a very different feel than a collocated one and not many people want the hassle - and it is a hassle if you aren't willing to change your working style.

Things seem to be changing though. A really strong dev can get (great) remote work with some effort these days. The very best, say Lars Bak, have never had any problems working from wherever they choose to. As with many things, demand and supply determines everything.

Fwiw, my advice to folks seeking remote work is Be very good, and be known to be very good (iow focus on what you know and who you know) and you will never lack for work, remote or otherwise.

I think your probably right, most companies perceive remote working as a bigger hassle than the regular work environment, which is a great shame.

I've been remote working full time for 6 years and I feel that its made me more productive and motivated than working in an office ever could.

Now that now that I've started to look to progress my career further this kind of perception makes it very difficult for me to make the next step.

Stop whining about not able to work remotely. If you can work remotely why don't you just go to India and work from there?

I've been working remotely for going on 3 years.

Successfully working remotely, with a team, is more effort. The barrier to communication is higher; there is more inertia to overcome. When collocated, you can just shout out to the room, "Hey, does someone know about X?". When remote, it's often a chat room of some form instead. There's a little more effort required.

In my book, one requirement of a remote (team) worker is that he be at least a bit extroverted. My experience has been that less extroverted developers find themselves quickly out of the loop. I believe this is because they don't seek out interaction with other team members and so fall out of sync with the team.

The lack of physical presence can put a strain on relationships. Sight unseen, it is so easy to project unintended meaning onto the text, or speech of colleagues (granted, we do this in-person as well but to a lesser degree).

Body language provides real cues that are missing from remote communication. I try to resolve this by meeting colleagues/clients early in the process to help build that relationship.

When you put the communication part aside, there is the question of motivation. I've also found that some people, when working remotely, tend to backslide and become less productive. I believe this to be due to the lack of implicit peer pressure of seeing your colleagues working. Or, to put it bluntly, a lack of solid work ethic.

When remote working, there is less (micro-)management. No one is looking over your shoulder. For some people, remote pairing can help here.

Ultimately, there is no substitute for a deeply engrained need to ship. Either you've got it or you don't. If you don't, you're probably not going to be a good remote worker.

There should be a separate post for remote/freelance jobs. All the jobs posted here are in the US, and I'm sure there's plenty of talented foreigners lurking on HN.

GREAT idea. Just posted it here: http://bit.ly/bc55gi.

Boston & London

youDevise is a small financial-software firm with development teams in London, England and Boston, Massachussetts, committed to learning and improvement as well as great web software. We're hiring developers, QA staff, operations team members, and other smart folks of many kinds. See http://www.youdevise.com/careers and https://dev.youdevise.com.

No remote working, but we do help the right people move to London or Boston.

I know a few guys who might be able to help out, but I can't find what languages you're working in on your site ;)

Your Developer site mentions Hibernate and Tomcat, so I'm assuming you're a java shop?

Cloudkick, San Francisco CA. Currently all FT positions are intended to be on-location.

A YC Company from W09, we are hacking up server monitoring and management space. (Both cloud and non-cloud).

Our tech is mostly Python based, with a spattering of Java, C, C++, Lua, and Node.js. We love fast product cycles, shipping features early, so we can get the customer feedback loop going as quickly as possible.


* Frontend Web Developer: We started out with inline JQuery, but all new features are built around using the Google Closure library. We are moving towards a much more complete client side user experience, and busy building out widgets for many components. Love hacking on the Frotnend, come check us out!

* Customer Engineer: A combination of customer advocate and a generalist that can hack on any part of the Cloudkick system. We want someone who can both talk to customers, and then go fix their top issues the same day. 90% Python hacking, in both a Django and Twisted environments, but can include C/C++/Lua/Node.js if desired.

* Deployment Developer: Cloudkick is known for Monitoring, but we are doing something different with Deployment. This position will probably be about 80% hacking in Node.js code, and 20% in Python. Experience in distributed systems / p2p / large scale server management are all major major pluses.

* Inside Sales Rep: We are B2B startup, offering a SaaS product to the world, and we need help making and converting customers. Simple enough right :)

* Ops / Developer Internship (Paid!): Experience in Django or other open source projects are big pluses, but the biggest thing we look for is a drive to learn new things, more than anything.

More on the Careers page thing, along with how to contact/apply: https://cloudkick.com/careers



I'm not hiring, but people have founds posts about my site helpful in previous threads.

I run One Day, One Job: http://www.onedayonejob.com/

The focus is on entry level jobs, but the content consists of company profiles, so it's useful to pretty much anyone looking for a job at at any level.

Here are all of the companies that we've featured with positions in Web Development: http://www.onedayonejob.com/entry-level-jobs/web-development...

And in Software Development (lots of overlap): http://www.onedayonejob.com/entry-level-jobs/software-develo...

We feature tons of non-technical stuff too. There are over 1,000 company profiles—all editorial.

I think this thread should focus only on actual job posts. There are thousands of job websites and tools out there, it's not the purpose of this thread.

To those downvoting, please specify why. Personally, I can see that parent post shouldn't be here, but a suggestion on where to post it would be helpful so that others don't repeat the same mistake.

Thanks for posting this. In the Summer Jobs thread, a similar post of mine received quite a few upvotes. I figured that people looking for jobs found it helpful, so I was inclined to try it again.

I'm not downvoting the post, but the service does sound kind of gimmicky. And also, more than a bit off-topic, in that most of the job offerings posted here are far above internship or entry-level.

PBworks (San Mateo, CA) has 3 openings. We're an online collaboration tool for education and business, used by 4 million people a month. We're looking for:

* A talented Front-End Web Engineer who can lead the development of new features and refresh existing ones. PHP, JavaScript, usability and UI design skills are ideal. http://pbworks.com/content/jobs-frontendwebengineer

* A Systems Engineer who can help architect, build, and test back-end systems that will help us scale from 4 million users to 40 million users. Deep knowledge of one interpreted language -- ideally PHP -- would be great. http://pbworks.com/content/jobs-systemsengineer

* We're also looking for a Designer who can help us with the aesthetic and visual aspects of the product's user interface. We'd like a designer who wants to take charge usability testing and building products with excellent function, not just flash. http://pbworks.com/content/jobs-designer

If you're interested in any of these, drop me an email -- my email address is in my HN profile.

What happened to http://www.pbworks.com design :/ ? IMHO, the last version was much better.

As the person largely responsible for the implementation of the current design, let me put it this way: you did notice that one of those positions is for a designer, right?

We're hiring nothing but remote developers from around the globe here at deviantART. We also have flexible schedules. I'm probably biased, but I think we have some of the best web developers in the world because of this.

Our existing development team is already distributed, so all of our systems and workflow are already setup to handle remote development and different timezones. We have a lot of technical challenges to solve and interesting projects, so if you think you have what it takes: http://deviantart.theresumator.com/apply/eR4wR2/

Yellowknife, NT, Canada. No remote.

SSi Micro is hiring great hackers. Are you smart, motivated, and interested in working on awesome software optimized for our world-class, unique, and super-cool satellite network? Then come and be a propellerhead at our awesome, small company. We work with the coolest stuff (right now, we're building a web provisioning/portal interface to our new video conferencing offering in Node.js--and it's awesome).


We're a little company based in Yellowknife, the capital city of the Northwest Territories. We deliver broadband satellite internet to 61 of the most remote communities on earth, and now that our network's up and running (although we're investing heavily in upgrading it), we're busy building great software for our customers, optimized specifically for our unique network.

Recently, we built a file sharing webapp called Qfile. (Check it out: http://qfile.ca -- Free 60 day trial!). Why not just use dropbox, you ask? Well, our network is pretty unique: all our traffic is bounced off a satellite, and round-trip latency of ~600ms (which is because of the horrible limitation of the speed of light, which we are constantly working to exceed) means that we have to do things a little differently.

Yellowknife's not as cold as you think, and the 24-hours-of-daylight summers are not to be missed.

If you're interested and game, we'll make an offer really easy to accept: We'll get and pay for your apartment, a car if you need it, and pay you atop that. We'll do all that for up to three months while you evaluate us and the north, so that it's risk- and hassle-free for you to come to a really great, unique company in an awesome little city.

Email: stephenw@ssimicro.com

Based in Guildford, Surrey, UK (no remote at the moment) sharpcloud is looking for a talented Silverlight developer with a passion for creating great software for users, in a fast-moving, dynamic environment. You should have extensive experience in Silverlight, XAML, C# and the .Net framework and a deep understanding of web architecture. Note: if you don't have the Silverlight experience but are an experience asp.net dev looking to get into Silverlight we'd still like to hear from you.

Get in touch at http://www.sharpcloud.com/about/ or my email is in my profile.

About sharpcloud:

sharpcloud was founded on a revolutionary idea: to provide a visually appealing user experience to communities involved in the process of managing knowledge and networks around strategy and innovation. sharpcloud is a Microsoft Bizspark One and Windows Azure Front Runner partner .

I'm hiring just south of Seattle, WA, at a 113-person green industry manufacturing company, for a technical coordination and system administration position. Must live or be willing to move to the area.

The position would be responsible for creating business workflow software, enterprise system automation, server management, creating customer-facing software to create a competitive advantage based on ease-of-service, and coordination of both internal and external technical projects.

We focus on creating a good and fun place to work. Although the company is not a traditional tech firm, the owners have the technical knowledge to appreciate good technical work from people smarter than ourselves (and we love HN!). Our goal is to have smart, humorous, and industrious folks that make time fly and leave you happy at the end of the day.

My contact information is in my profile for more info.

Sydney, Australia (but you can work from anywhere)

We have several positions available at Remember The Milk:

  - Systems Administrator
  - Software Engineer (Database)
  - Software Engineer (Scala)
  - User Interface Designer
For full details see: http://www.rememberthemilk.com/about/jobs.rtm

Meetup.com in New York City. No remote.

We're looking for an API engineer, a Senior Sys Admin, a QA person and product people on both the frontend and backend. http://www.meetup.com/jobs

We just celebrated another profitable quarter, had an awesome halloween costume party and have lots of perks that make working at Meetup incredible! Have a look at "Working at Meetup vs. Working at Google" for a more humorous look: https://docs.google.com/View?docid=dg2z5whw_41cb322p

I'm starting at Meetup in a couple of weeks!

To anyone considering sending in their resume, I highly recommend it. Everyone I met during my interviews seemed like very intelligent people. :)

Are you the guy we hired from a previous HN post? If so, welcome! If not, welcome anyway!

That is, in fact, me! Thanks for the welcome!

Think Computer Corporation, Palo Alto, CA

Our product makes the plastic cards in your wallet obsolete. (We're taking on PayPal and a few others: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) We're always looking for PHP, JavaScript and CSS pros. Remote is possible if you really know your stuff and have a portfolio of work to show for it.

http://www.facecash.com / http://www.thinkcomputer.com/corporate/jobs

I've always had a great interest in something similar to facecash ... I'll keep an eye on your site, if my company makes an exit I may well apply. seems promising

San Francisco, CA

PlayHaven is hiring smart Python developers to help disrupt the mobile app discovery space by providing game developers a set of tools to effectively promote their titles for free. In doing so, we provide game players with an effective way to discover the next game they'd love to experience.

PlayHaven was founded by a small, fast-moving group of engineers who iterated their way to a product that started gaining traction quickly and hasn't stopped. We're smart, experienced, ambitious, videogame-loving entrepreneurs, who sometimes spend an unhealthy amount of time analyzing various TV shows. We are backed by some of the best investors on both the East and West coasts.

Here are some links detailing the different roles we're hiring:





Elation EMR - San Francisco (Telecommuting considered for the right fit.)

Seeking a front-end guru to join as an early member of the team. We're building a super client-heavy, data-intensive web app aimed at a huge and profound goal: revolutionizing the delivery of medicine. We're a young energetic team who also happens to have spent decades committed to improving medicine. Our investors include Ron Conway and the founders of Facebook, Asana and Quora.

This position is a front-end whiz's dream. We want you to:

- Own the front-end. Create an experience that makes users forget they're on the web.

- Engineer wicked smart solutions. Among our many challenges are addressing performance requirements of highly demanding users, caching and refreshing data intelligently, on-the-fly rendering, client- and server-side templating, long polling, etc.

- Forget IE exists. We control our users' browsers.

- Use and love HTML5. The latest web technologies are our friends.

- Build a product that deeply touches people's lives. That's what we're here to do.

We use Python+Django, Javascript+jQuery, and whatever else you know and love -- it's early; we're flexible. We're SF-based and well-funded.

If you fit the bill and are excited, or if you don't fit the bill but still feel you could be a tremendous asset to our engineering team, drop us a line at jobs@elationemr.com. Feel free to mention your favorite web products and why you like them!

Ruby on Rails Developers -- Mashable -- SF or NYC (remote considered)


Other open positions: Project Manager, Frontend Dev, UI Designer (remote considered).

Topguest - San Francisco, CA (on-site strongly preferred, will cover relocation for strong candidates)

We're a location-based offers provider for the travel industry. Early stage, but comfortably funded.

Looking for generalist engineers to work across web and mobile apps, third-party integrations and ops.

Professional experience with Ruby or Python will be highly regarded. Overwhelming desire to build + ship is critical. Autodidacts welcome.


Taunton, England (near Bristol)

Java developers wanting a great working environment, in Taunton. We've an expanding thick client app, we're already market leading in the UK for public sector and currently looking to expand into other markets and product areas.


Charlotte, VT EatingWell Media Group. www.eatingwell.com

No remote, sorry.

Seeking Developer / Sysadmin to maintain www.eatingwell.com and develop internal and external facing software.

Our flagship site is Drupal/PHP with most of our new tools rolling out in Python.

Compensation is competitive for the area, we are a dog friendly office, the test kitchen has a constant stream of goodies flowing out of it, and we are in beautiful, rural Vermont, just 30 or so minutes to Burlington, a very hip little city.

There is quite a bit of room for growth here as our side of the business is growing rapidly and there is not a lot of experience in tech in the higher ups in the company.

This is both good and bad, as I am constantly fighting against naive decisions/ideas from upper management, but good because I am often winning.

A smart, relaxed, outdoor loving hacker with some degree of people skills will be very very happy here.

Please add a 'g' to front of my user name and an 'f' to the end, @eatingwell.com

NYC (no remote) - Factor Tree (http://thefactortree.com)

We're a young startup creating an online education platform designed to build a solid foundation in math for kids from preK to 6th grade. We're working on some cool ways to provide every student with a tailored curriculum that adapts as the student progresses.

We're looking for someone who's comfortable in Java (or very similar language) and has a good foundation in web development. You'd be working closely with the lead (only) developer to iterate as fast as humanly possible to put our product in front of kids and parents.

If you're passionate about helping kids learn, send over a few links to things you've worked on (more important) and your resume (less important) to recruiting@thefactortree.com.

Everfi - Washington, DC. (heart of georgetown)

Education Start Up - just raised a large series A from NEA.

We're looking for all sorts of people - from product managers to front designers to back end engineers, we're hiring across the board. Also open to internships.

If interested, drop me a note at ben at everfi dot com.

T-Mobile Product Design is hiring Designers, UX, Managers, Hardware hackers. Contact me for details.

Heyzap.com, San Francisco (local F/T position)

We are building a platform for Social and Mobile games. Smart engineers of any experience are welcome to apply, Rails, iPhone and Android experience a bonus. http://www.heyzap.com/jobs

WooMe.com is looking for devops or webops people and people good with django and python and postgresql. Lot's of different types of work available, quite a few positions. See http://jobs.github.com/positions/da0182a2-e11e-11df-933d-bc4... for more info.

See http://making.dev.woome.com for our dev blog, and our github here: http://github.com/woome

London, UK or West Coast, USA but we remote work most of the time so we will consider a really good person from just about anywhere with good network.

SB Nation is a media/technology startup in Washington, DC. We're hiring Ruby developers and an agile project manager:

http://www.sbnation.com/jobs/developer (remote considered)

http://www.sbnation.com/jobs/agile_project_manager (local only)

We're a network of 280+ sports news sites & communities. As newspapers are shutting down their sports sections, we're quietly reinventing the media model with profitable, high-quality, innovative coverage by and for fans. Our investors include Accel Partners, Allen & Company, and Comcast Interactive Capital. We get around 16 million unique visitors every month.

Our small product team develops the custom publishing and community platform (built on Rails) that powers the sites. The interesting problems we face range from editorial analytics, to social distribution, to scaling the system to handle our rapid growth.

Here are some of the humans you'll be working with: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mlovitt/4507489423/in/set-72157...

And some recent press:

* Why sports is driving innovation in journalism: http://markcoddington.com/2010/10/08/why-sports-has-taken-th...

* NY Times profile on SB Nation: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/07/business/media/07fans.html

* Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab: http://www.niemanlab.org/2010/06/sb-nation-ceo-on-how-were-f...

* Dan Shanoff: http://www.danshanoff.com/2010/06/sb-nation-goes-big-with-lo...

FoundationDB is a Washington, DC Metro Area database software startup, which was founded by engineers with a prior >$50MM exit in the data analytics space. We are working on a distributed database with ACID transactions.

We're looking for self-motivated, smart software engineers who have a history of (either personally or professionally) working on or managing interesting and challenging development projects. Specific skills of interest include: Systems programming, C++, engineering for high performance, asynchronous/distributed programming, data structures.

The positions we're hiring for are in the DC Metro Area (McLean / Tysons Corner).

If you're interested, please contact us at:

info at foundationdb dot com

I would love to see more EU openings (Specially in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries).

Spotify is hiring, they have several openings.


Ask and you shall receive:

We (Lokku) are hiring in central London: http://www.lokku.com/jobs/

Please get in touch if you qualify and want to work in a small, but internationally focused, successful start-up. We look forward to hearing from you.

Just popping into the thread to add this: http://www.lokku.com/jobs/engineeringmanager2010.html is one of the best job descriptions I have ever seen. Props!

Thanks, we do our best to spell out only what we truly are and want to be.

The Global Earthquake Model foundation (GEM) is hiring a senior dev to head the ongoing development of the OpenGEM global earthquake model framework and help save lives. You'll need proven team-lead experience/skills, geo/gis and scientific experience would be a huge plus. It's onsite in Pavia, Italy.


We (Trendiction) are hiring in Esch-Sur-Alzette (Luxembourg).

Please see http://blog.trendiction.com/tag/jobs

We do distributed crawling, content analysis/extraction, and reporting through a multitude of sources (message boards, blogs, news, ...).

Please contact me (Thibaut Britz) t.britz@trendiction.com if you are interested.

Palo Alto, CA - Flipboard

Seeking front-end web developer with a passion for design. Remote is not possible.


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What did you want him to do, retain it? We don't want any memory leaks...

Nah, copy it instead. You want to copy objects that you don't want changed behind your back. Like, for instance, the email address you'd mail your resume to.

London, UK (no remote working for this one, sorry)

INENSU - new social games company with a focus on music. Founders have over 10 years experience in games. We're building a talented and ambitious team. Current team is drawn from FTSE, PlayStation, MoshiMonsters, etc.

We also have a project funded by a major TV broadcaster, this is a fashion community and are looking for 2 people to join us - asap!

* Front-End Developer: html / javascript + Flash [bonus]

* Game / User Experience Designer.




San Francsico, though remote work is plausible.

Twitter is looking for all sorts of good engineers. The up to date list is always at http://twitter.com/positions.html.

oh and feel free to contact me directly at ryan@twitter.com

Eventbrite is hiring. http://www.eventbrite.com/jobs

This place is amazing -- great product, awesome team, really cool engineering + challenges (mobile, fraud/analytics, box office (hardware!), et al) and we all have a ton of fun. In Soma right by CalTrain w/ all the perks: 6 meals a week + endless snacks, gym + transportation reimbursement, great insurance, you'll still have a life, etc.

We'll sell $200M+ in tickets this year and we just raised another $20M in funding. This is a great time to jump on board.

Mountain View, Ca.

Anybots Inc.

We are looking for a generalist to help build our website, program robots, and be awesome. Anybots is a fun, casual and exciting place to work. Also we build frikking robots. We are small (<10 people) and shipping product in a few months so it is a really exciting time to join. The next people we hire will have a huge role in shaping the user experience. Send a portfolio of cool stuff you've made, and a resume (for the sake of tradition) to jobs@anybots.com. We prefer people who are available soon and prefer a local person.

inDinero.com (Mountain View, CA)

Looking for engineer generalist who considers herself both a strong frontend and backend coder. Home-cooked meals are served every day!

If interested, please shoot me an email - jobs@indinero.com :)

We're a distributed database startup in Seattle, WA. We make a database that can handle queries and fulltext searches on "Big Data". It's an elegant architecture, and a lot of fun to work on.

We're about to be in a position to hire a few folks:

1. Distributed systems hackers 2. Infrastructure automation engineers (think Chef, Google SREs) 3. Customer Development fans (think Steve Blank's book).

Check out our very spartan webpage at drawntoscale.com, and drop us a line there if you're interested.

Remote working is a possibility :)

Oh -- we're also in San Francisco.

Mac OS X/iOS Software Test Pilot

Seattle, WA (Sorry, no telecommute/remote work opportunities right now.)

Us: a Seattle software company that's been around since 1989. Back then, we wrote code for NeXTStep; these days, we make highly-regarded productivity applications for Mac OS X & iOS.

You: someone who can make guesses about how a website or application is going to fail, prove that you're right, and then communicate it clearly and effectively to the folks who need to fix it. Ideally, you also have the ability to predict the things about our products that will confuse or dismay a new customer.

As an example of what we do, imagine we have four months to write, test, and ship two applications on a brand-new hardware platform (with no specimens of said hardware in the building) while still updating and maintaining our released products on both platforms. Could you keep up without going totally crazy in the process?

If so, we'd like to hear from you — we're looking to expand our QA department by adding another Software Test Pilot.

For more information about us, including how to apply for this job, please check out the "Company" section of our website, which is at http://www.omnigroup.com/company/.

Exablox — Sunnyvale, CA (partial remote OK, must be available in-person ≥ 1day / week)

Exablox is a data storage company, replacing the traditional storage stack with an integrated experience across local and web storage.

Yup, we're hiring (yes this is redundant ;)

We're a founding team of 3: two systems software guys and a biz guy from an embedded mobile OS company (no, not that one).

Exablox is looking for 2-3 more engineers to fill the following roles (and are psyched if you can crossover between them)

Web folks: Both frontend and backend. You'll be responsible for designing and implementing our online app. This is a great opportunity to leverage your experience with the latest and greatest technologies to build a brand new type of storage app.

Systems folks: You must be well versed in systems software or application design and implementation in C (yes you read correctly!), filesystem experience a plus but not required. The ideal candidate is well versed in POSIX APIs, and isn't afraid to get their hands dirty inside the Linux kernel if necessary. This is the ideal opportunity to help craft the next gen storage stack

Various opportunities available: full time ($$+equity), contract ($$), and internship/co-op ($$)

Contact info in my HN profile

Android, iPhone, and Ruby engineers - Originate Labs - Los Angeles and San Mateo, CA

We specialize in staff augmentation and startup building through a venture resourcing model. We're looking for folks to fill positions working with the aforementioned technologies but competent engineers do not necessarily need extensive experience in them to apply.


Web Application Developers, PHP, remote

deviantART: http://deviantart.theresumator.com/apply

SF, CA (no telecommute)

Quizlet is an education platform for high school and college students. We're one of the few web companies that's gotten lots of traction in education -- 2M uniques a month and growing.

We're looking for developers who are excited about making an impact in education. Small team, no BS.



Also would love to have hacker interns for January and summer breaks!

Amazon - Seattle WA

We are looking for a strong Systems Support Engineer. No remote. We like to describe our team as a 'Startup' within Amazon, as our part of the business is still growing rapidly and our engineers can have a lot of influence on where the product goes.

Job description below. Contact me at ${hn_username}@gmail.com if you have any questions.

The Amazon Services team is looking for a great Systems Support Engineer to keep our systems running. You should be comfortable in a Linux environment, be able to automate everything you did yesterday, and willing to troubleshoot and solve new problems on a daily basis. Come join one of the fastest growing teams within Amazon.


-Maintain stability and performance of our systems via tickets during oncall shifts

-Diagnose and troubleshoot new production issues that affect our customers

-Create and maintain standard operating procedure documents for new issues identified

-Automate operational tasks to assist with our scaling needs


-Proficiency in a scripting language (Ruby, Perl, Python, Shell)

-Familiar with SQL databases

-Comfortable navigating a Linux environment

-Basic understanding of web application architectures

Bonus points:

-Written a Rails application

-Deep knowledge of Oracle databases

-Troubleshooting experience

-Ticketing experience

Mountain View, CA. RethinkDB (http://www.rethinkdb.com/jobs). Hard systems problems. Fun people. Good pay. Internships year round. Join us, together we will rule the [database] universe.

This is everything we stand for: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1747713

/* Studio Pepwuper (Los Angeles, Remote Possible) Early stage video game company (http://www.pepwuper.com)

Looking for game developers with experience building Facebook games, Unity 3D engine, and/or iPhone/iPad games. */

Hi everyone,

I am the founder of Studio Pepwuper (http://www.pepwuper.com) and we are looking for an awesome game programmer to join the team!

We are specifically looking for people with iOS, Facebook development experience, and prefer if you’ve had some experience with Unity 3D. We are located in Los Angeles and would prefer local talents, but also open to hackers around the world!

If you are interested in creating narrative casual games and love Studio Ghibli and Pixar, please contact me now! (email: brandon@pepwuper.com)

More details about the position (http://bit.ly/clwrXa)

More about Studio Pepwuper (http://pepwuper.com/about-us)

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks! Brandon

Portland, OR

AboutUs is hiring.


We're a good team looking for at least one new member. We're a Rails shop but you'll have to bring a lot more than Rails chops to make the cut.

AboutUs is a startup, but it's a very stable startup. The company has been around for four years and is venture backed. Many of us have families and all of us have lives outside of work.

We write a lot of code. We pair. We test. We deploy to a live site many times each day. We also wrestle daily against a tough legacy codebase and awkward (but improving!) infrastructure. Greenfield hackers won't dig it; refactoring hackers will.

The job is onsite (no telecommute) in Portland, Oregon. Many of us bike to work. There is weekly yoga. Daily ping pong. I think we have a vegan around here somewhere. And sometimes beer mysteriously appears in the fridge.


Software Engineer - ClickLock.com - Salt Lake City, UT

We are bringing secure email (and other messaging) to the masses by making it easy to use. We believe strongly in customer development and are looking to lay the foundations of our development organization now that we understand who our customers are and what our product needs to be.

If you want to build a product that will make a positive difference in the way people use the Internet, know a few programming languages, and are generally optimistic in nature (even if a bit cynical), I'd love to hear from you. Send me your resume and a short blurb about why you want to work at a startup to travis@clicklock.com. Equity is definite part of these positions.

While we would prefer a local candidate, remote is possible for an amazing candidate. If you are amazing, let me know (and make sure I know why you are amazing! :).

Conshohocken PA (Philly Suburb) - Monetate - Local only

We're hiring at Monetate. We've hired people from HN.

We're a SAAS provider of testing, targeting and personalization tools (i.e. segmentation, A/B testing, MVT) to internet retailers. We've got existing high-volume customers. We're small, profitable, and we're growing fast.


* We're looking for backend engineers who want to work on data and web problems at scale.

* We're also hiring front-end developers who want to help build and test experiments and own our client facing UI. You should be experienced in working with production-quality cross-browser HTML/CSS and Javascript with and without frameworks.

We have fun problems at scale and we get instant feedback from our clients on everything we put out!

Feel free to email me tjanofsky monetate com.

My company Whiskey Media is hiring. We're a growing Python shop that runs http://www.giantbomb.com and http://www.tested.com among other sites. We also have the best underground speakeasy in San Francisco.

We're looking for the following positions. Send a resume/note to jobs@whiskeymedia.com if you're interested.

* UI/UX Designer: We're looking for someone to help us define new products and sites that we'll be launching in the next year.

* Frontend Web Developer: We move progressively towards new tech and need some creative devs to build out our html5/css3/js team.

* Python/Django developers: We've got a few open reqs in backend development, from feature design to server management.

Foursquare - New York, NY - Looking for software engineers


I am on the BD team so please excuse my lack of technical info but here is the description for the server side engineer:

Reqs: BS or MS in Computer Science or related field preferred 5+ years experience building products for fast growing web or mobile products Strong Java experience or, even better, experience and/or interest in Scala Comfortable with AJAX based websites, JavaScript and jQuery Comfortable in a small, intense and high-growth start-up environment

I can tell you that we are heavily engineering group, but also looking for Product Managers, Community folks, and client developers (iPhone etc)

Its a great place to work and we are solving some exciting problems in the location space.

HubSpot, Boston/Cambridge MA (no remotes, sorry)

Looking for web developer to work in HubSpot Labs (working on new social media and mobile projects. Primary platform is now Python/Django and MySQL+MongoDB)

Contact me directly: Dharmesh Shah (Founder/CTO): dshah {at} hubspot {dotcom}

London, UK

We're looking for a strong C# developer to join our small team. We're a young software company creating innovative solutions for the Legal and Financial sectors. We're based in Shoreditch. I think it's a fantastic, varied and challenging role at a place that's fun to work. If you're a fast learner, love to code, pragmatic, and have a couple of years experience with C# & SQL Server then check out the job ad below and get in touch with me directly: rory.kingan@priorysolutions.com


no remote.

Stealth mobile game company seeking engineer experienced with HTML5/Flash. Competitive pay, equity, and benefits. Remote is fine, bonus points if you're close to NYC or SF.

Email this HN name at gmail with a resume and links to any relevant projects.

SF, CA (no telecommute)

Dropcam is hiring for 6 awesome engineering positions and 1 lead design role: http://www.dropcam.com/jobs

Great problems to work on in streaming, storage, video analysis, web, and mobile.

ClearTrial -- Chicago area, IL (sorry, on-site only for now)

We're a mid-stage SaaS startup with a small but focused engineering team building web-based products in Javascript, Java, and SQL. Our team is looking for smart people, ideally with experience in the above areas, as well as RESTful web services, Scala and/or Erlang, and grid computing.

Fully stocked kitchen, beer fridge, every type of coffee maker out there... all the usual perks, plus a chance to work on a product making a real difference in the life sciences field.


Twitterfeed (a betaworks company) is looking for a lead dev to help re-architect our content distribution system pushing > 3million pieces of content between services every day. Exciting time to be here especially if you're passionate about using intelligence to help find and distribute interesting content (being on HN probably qualifies :-)

More here: http://twitterfeed.com/careers - and hit me up if you have questions (email in profile)

Informifi (http://informifi.com/) San Francisco, CA (16th and Harrison) Junior and mid/senior level web hacks and systems people. Looking for devs with a sense of humor wanting to work at a place with a fun start-up feel. Be a part of a team where your voice matters and your talent can be known.

Keywords: Foosball, Wii, Snacks, Beer, Code (Python, PHP, Etc).

Send your resume to dan at informifi dot com (Remote is not applicable right now, sorry)

NewsCred - NYC - prefer to have someone in the office.

We're building a global news distribution platfom and reinventing the traditional newswire business.

We've been struggling to find a great information retrieval engineer. If you know Solr/Lucene or willing to learn, please get in touch. We have great perks (including unlimited vacations) and are based in the union square area of the city.

More here: http://platform.newscred.com/jobs

Germany: Tübingen, Ingolstadt, München - several positions - no remote


Nice to see the south of Germany represented (Stuttgart here) :)

Tübingen here. :)

Los Angeles-based healthcare company seeks Front-End Developer (contract to perm, start immediately)

Are you eager to build web applications that inspire others? Do you like the challenge of creatively solving problems? Do you pride yourself in writing clean code?

Did you say yes? If so, we want to hear from you! We are rapidly growing and looking for a front-end developer to join our team. We are passionate about our business and we want to bring the best product to the market. Our technologies include Django, JQuery, GIT and the Cloud. We are not another copycat site. We are creating a never seen before web application that will improve people’s lives. How about that on your resume?

This starts as a part-time position that will grow into full-time. You must be located in Los Angeles.

Primary Responsibilities:

    * Take control of our UI to create a compelling UX
    * Plan, design and produce the site
    * Help transform complex functions into simple, elegant solutions
    * Develop clean code that is cross-browser and platform compatible (we want everyone to see your work)
    * Optimize performance, fix bugs and make improvements to the site as needed
    * Work closely with our backend team
The ideal candidate has:

    * Exceptional skills in hand-coding quality, clean HTML and CSS
    * Expert in JQuery/Javascript
    * Experience with open source technologies
    * Experience optimizing richly-designed Websites
    * Experience with any template-based frameworks, such as Django, Ruby on Rails, CAKE, Turbogears, Pylons, etc.
    * Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
    * Prior startup experience
On the softer side:

    * Excellent communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills
    * Experience and passion for working in startups & fast-paced environments
    * Ability to get up to speed quickly and work under minimal supervision
If this sounds like a good fit for you, let’s talk!

Please send your resume and contact information. Be sure to specify your role and time on each project, your compensation expectations, and availability to start.


GazeHawk (YC S10) is still hiring. Send joe or brian at gazehawk.com an email!

We're based in Mountain View, but not doing remote work at this time though. Sorry.

TripAdvisor in Newton, MA. No remote, sorry.

We are looking for interns and full-time in a variety of areas:


If you see it on the TripAdvisor site it was built by Product.  Everything our visitors see, interact with and love is built by this team.  Learn how to keep 40e6 monthly visitors happy while stretching into areas of automated content summarization, deep social integration, building hugely-multi-platform handheld apps, serving 10M photos or to manage a billion pins worth of travel data generated by our users.  Every project coming out of Product is carefully tuned to make our users happy and make TripAdvisor the best place to do travel research.  We've got more ideas than engineers to build them.

Content Integrity/Fraud

TripAdvisor currently has over 35 million reviews written by our members, and the volume of reviews being submitted is continually increasing.  The CI team works to to integrate automated systems based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical natural language processing into our software to provide new capabilities for automated document classification, categorization, summarization, and recommendation.  We focus on the real-world application of new technology to provide significant improvements in the efficiency and profitability of our business, and in the features available to our users.


TripAdvisor has the world's best SEO.  Type in the name of pretty much any hotel in the world and we're on the front page of Google.  The SEO team understands how to build pages so that robots and crawlers can read them cleanly.  In doing so, we're able to use our unique content to get top rankings and appear in front of huge numbers of users.  As part of the SEO team, you'll help to run experiments to learn how better to present our content to robots and extend our mastery into new domains.


Having attracted traffic to TripAdvisor, we need to turn those visitors into tracked outbound links to each of our partners.  Serious money flows through the fingers of the Commerce team as they identify how to direct traffic to the best targets to make our two sets of customers (visitors & partners) happy.


The APAC team grew the site from 0 to 4MM users in a year to replicate TripAdvisor's success in the most populous country with the fastest growing economy and Internet penetration rate.  What makes it challenging is working with a distributed engineering team and system that is located more than 6000 miles away.  Toe help develop and operate daodao.com, it'd help if you were fluent in Chinese.

Drop me a line

What's your email :) ?

SOMA, no remote working: Yelp!

* http://yelp.com/careers -- hiring all engineering positions

* http://engineeringblog.yelp.com -- learn about what engineers @ Yelp do

* http://github.com/yelp -- our open-source contributions (including mrjob)

What's the hiring timeline? Do you send courtesy decline notices because I've sent in my resume a couple times now.

Bozeman, MT (probably not remote)

RightNow Technologies

Don't be fooled by the location. Large SaaS/Cloud company looking for well rounded Python programmer with good MySQL / Linux systems programming experience.


Circle of Moms -- SF, SOMA area


Toolbox.com in Scottsdale AZ is looking for Senior Developers.

If you like interesting problems, working with smart people, and a lot of variety this is the place for you.

Asp.net mostly, some perl, some php. We have some iPhone and Andriod development stuff, but not enough to keep it full time.

jschulz @ the domain name above if you're interested.

Remote is not a possibility.

Austin, TX (the best city in the world) no remote

Camm Security Inc. http://cam.ly

Cam.ly is hiring. We're looking for IP camera firmware engineers and mobile engineers (Android). Email us at jobs@cam.ly or for more info go to http://cam.ly/jobs

Amazon Web Services @ Seattle

So many cool things going on here. And so many open positions. Remote: probably not, but who knows.

User Experience/Web Designer @ FlipKey in Boston We're looking for someone full-time but interested in some immediate freelance stuff as well.

More here: http://startuply.com/Jobs/User_Experience_Web_Designer_2931_...

CommonPlace -- Cambridge, MA (http://commonplaceusa.com)

We're a nearly-funded startup creating a social platform for local communities and neighborhoods.

* Web Developer: Will be working on a Ruby on Rails web app with some civic-minded Harvard students.

Contact maxtilford at gmail

TH4 Systems, Munich, Germany (remote work is unfortunately not possible)

We develop tank farm management software and more.

We are looking for a versatile individual with a strong Java background. If you have any background in automation that would be a big plus.

You can drop me a line at juergen dot rose at th4-systems dot com

dropbox (only sf positions, sorry!)


love the product here and the job description was enticing ... if I were looking for a job this would be the first app i would fill out.

Blekko is hiring. We launched today. And there is lots and lots of interesting stuff to do here. Full time software engineering positions. We are located in Redwood Shores, CA.


Chomp, Inc. San Francisco, CA

Looking for all manner of software engineers to help us create the best mobile app search/recommendation engine available. Check out http://chomp.com/us/jobs for more info.

media6degrees is hiring a Junior Developer in NYC. You get to use all sorts of NoSQL goodness, lots of Hadoop, cool engineering problems where saving 20ms on a realtime request translates directly to the company's bottom line.



CoreLogic in Concord, Ca. is hiring .NET web developers. On site. I'm the hiring manager. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/eng/2026135349.html

iOS and Rails 3 developers. 100% Remote. Independent Contractors.

1 meeting per week. Optional: daily standup email though :)


email: mj@robotsandpencils.com for more info.

I am hiring <senior> software engineers. LAMP. Remote is a possibility though not certain.



Boston, MA, USA. Remote is possible, but I prefer local.

Web Engineer for Practically Green. RoR on Nginx, mobile applications and some big data stuff. Ideally, you're a green geek as well...

I'm jason at practicallygreen.

http://www.petalslink.com/fr/societe/recrutement No idea re: remote working, contact them and find out!

Meebo - we're kicking butt so hard it hurts! Ping me at marcus@meebo-inc.com and check out meebo.com/jobs.

Offices in CA, NY, and elsewhere.

Heh, I was googling a Node.js problem a few days ago and came across the Meebo secret jobs page. Excellent way to reach out to developers! :)

Los Angeles-based healthcare company seeks All-Star Dev Ops (Network / Sys Admin)

Who we are

We make access to quality healthcare easy and affordable, via web-based tools and information. Our service combines a unique ranking technology to match patients with local doctors. Once there's a match, users on our site can easily schedule appointments online, receive electronic appointment reminders, get pre-negotiated discounts on fees and complete their medical history forms before they arrive at the doctor's office. We are, simply, the best way to visit a doctor.


· Configure and troubleshoot systems and networks

· Monitor site stability, availability and performance

· Ensure highest level of system and network security

· Log and monitor critical data and systems

· Document system design, environment and procedures

· Coordinate with team members on corporate systems, network and IT disaster recovery plan

· Carry a pager and stay accessible

· Scripting in python

· Writing and maintaining cron jobs

· Develop custom tools as necessary

· Apply patch or firmware updates as necessary


· Strong experience with Ubuntu, Apache, Nginx, Postgresql, Python and Linux or UNIX system administration

· 3+ years experience working in professional productions environments

· Solid experience in scaling LAMP applications

· Proven ability to creatively solve problems with a logical approach

· Experience with configuration management, monitoring, trending, network design, backups

· Strong scripting skills

· Knowledge of best practices related to security, performance, and disaster recovery

· Excellent communication and organizational skills with strong attention to details

· Bachelors Degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent working experience


· Experience with HIPAA and PCI compliance a plus

· Familiarity with Django and WSGI

· Experienced in developing estimates for design and deployment of the infrastructure solution for the engagement.

· Experience at a large-scale consumer internet site

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe strongly that a diverse team is a strategic advantage.

Please fill in the application if interested: http://organicstartup.theresumator.com/apply/6WEcxw/Los-Ange...

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