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#27 has been done: http://www.deadmansswitch.net/

61 to go!

I don't doubt the number is actually much lower than 61, that list was made from my 'old' list of ideas I did not go out of my way to check if someone had not gotten around to executing them.

It's also good proof that whatever idea you've got someone else will have it too so discussing your idea is not harmful per se. Dallying during the executing phase is a much bigger problem.

I've added your find to the list of ideas.

Ah, I thought you meant it to be a list of things you'd like to see built, so I thought I'd inform you that that one exists already.

It is :)

But I did not verify if it had not been, that would have been more time that I could spend on it at that moment. I figure if anybody takes one of those the first thing they should do is check if it exists already or not. And even if, they could always do a better job. If you find more of them let me know, I'll link them from the article (multiple implementations also fine).

Ah, very true.

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