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70M Jobs Seeking CTO/Head of Engineering
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70 Million Jobs (YC S17) is the first national, for-profit employment platform for people with criminal records. Over the past year, we've grown our community of active job seekers enormously, landed jobs for many, many deserving men and women and achieved profitability.

Up until now, company technology has been outsourced, but we've outgrown this, and need someone up for the challenge of building the next generation job board while saving lots of lives.

Given the unique nature of our users (the formerly incarcerated) who access the Internet primarily through their phone, we need someone who has a strong UI/UX eye. We do lots of fairly sophisticated marketing and generate lots of data, so there must be an interest there as well. And as we are a decidedly tech-challenged team, we need someone can take ownership of this important part of our business while being very communicative (and patient).

In exchange, we offer a market salary, lots of equity, a very collegial, passionate team, and a chance to work on something that actually matters. We're seeking double bottom line returns: build a very profitable, successful business while doing massive social good.

We're currently based in SF but are planning to move the company to LA beginning of next year. If you share our belief that everyone deserves a second chance and you're up for the adventure of a lifetime, please get in touch.

70 Million Jobs is strongly committed to fair-chance hiring and diversity and inclusion in our workplace. Please, NOT seeking remote or part-time help. Richard@70MillionJobs.com

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