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Airglow (wikipedia.org)
79 points by vinnyglennon on Nov 25, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Funny, I just saw a comment about this a couple days ago :)


there is a name for this phenomenon in HN, comments giving birth to posts, giving birth to more comments. I forget the name

> name for this phenomenon in HN, comments giving birth to posts

What's interesting is that that is a question that a person could answer (in context) quite easily. But can a google search or a computer answer the same question posed the same way? It can but only if the question or similar has come up before in some way. But if not it would take a human to figure it out.

For example if I said 'what is the name of the person who was initially involved in HN that no longer makes comments' most of us would know it is PG (as the likely person). But do a search and not include any more info and the answer does not exist.

Maybe we’ll see an HN post for it in a couple days...

according to my research of sample size n=2 the time delay is 1 day

May not be what you’re thinking of, but there’s the frequency illusion or Baader–Meinhof effect.


yes , except in this case it's not an illusion but real

That may not be completely coincidental.

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