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I'm not against more tech articles on hacker news. The more articles, the better! But that is a separate issue from disliking certain articles that are submitted.

To your point about the bubble, that is why I want more articles that are not tech focused. I don't care about your javascript framework, I don't care about why this datastore is better over that datastore, and I most definitely don't care about why I should be using Python 3 over Python 2. I care about the intersection of technology and humanity, I care about biomedical developments (which you might consider outside of HN's wheelhouse), I care about how technology can be used to strengthen democracy, raise the poorest out of poverty, and to save lives. I care about people more than technology. Alongside these topics, I want intelligent discourse between subject matter experts and the intellectually curious. This is why I'm here.

EDIT: With regards to "approvable opinions", don't let the fake internet points discourage you. I still voice opinions that I think are based on sound thesis in this forum, regardless of how the hive responds. As the saying goes, "My opinions are my own".

We can both get what we want. Happy holidays to you!

Ha, yea I definitely don’t care. In this case I find it a curiosity of someone thinking ”I’m going to try and hide an opinion that people should have varying opinions!”. Without seeing any shortsightedness in themselves.

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