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I trained a guy that was a analyst and now he is a great dev in my team. I am working on getting another non-programmer to train to learn Python. I find its much easier to get devs this way. You just have to have a self motivated person willing to learn.

Hello tmaly,

I read your older and recent posts by you that your company is looking for junior/mid developers at Interactive Brokers in the CT/NYC area.

Well, I checked out the Interactive Brokers site and they have at least openings available listed on there what looks to be for Junior and mid-level Developers.

So, I see that you work for Interactive Brokers. Don't know if that still holds up but I wanted to check if the Junior/mid level Developer job is still available?

I'm a guy who has been going the self-taught route where I enjoy using and working with Python as far as learning purposes go.

And after quickly reading your post here I figured to reach out and try a somewhat different approach than the old cover letter and resume email method and contact you if you may have any info to this current opening at your company?

So with that said, here I am..and I wanted to inquire to find out if this opening is still available? If so, do you have a contact email to learn more about this position and the things you require in regards to the nature of the job?

My apologies in advance that this may not be the response to your post that you were looking for but I figured why not take a chance and try something different to reach out and learn what I can do to improve my chances to be part of the Interactive Brokers dev team.

Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Also, tmaly... please feel free to contact me at pydeveloper22@gmail.com

Hello tmaly,

I'm a non programmer who has been going to self-taught route studying to become a developer in Python. I'm willing to learn and I highly motivated to become a better programmer I could enter the tech/finance industry.

It would be great to get any advice insight from you. Not sure if your post was for non-programmers at your company or for outsiders who are willing to learn Python and programming from you to add more developers to your team? I'm just trying to find a way to break into the field of professional software development that involves the use of Python programming.

Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. If you like, my email is:




I just replied to your other thread with information on how to apply.

Best regards,


Hello Ty,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I appreciate the help you provided in the posting along with info from the other thread. It has been quite helpful.

Much thanks,


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