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I was similarly stumped, specifically regarding discrete mathematics not too long ago. I was interested in reading Lamport's Specifying Systems[0] but felt I lacked some requisite background knowledge[1]. I ended up picking up Stavely's Programming and Mathematical Thinking[2] which I enjoyed.

While I would recommend either as a primer into discrete math - do you have a specific subset that you're interested in? That might make suggestions more pertinent to your interests.

[0]: https://lamport.azurewebsites.net/tla/book.html

[1]: I think, in retrospect, that Specifying Systems actually stands on its own pretty well and doesn't require supplementary material when paired with the video course.

[2]: It is subtitled "A Gentle Introduction to Discrete Math Featuring Python" and it is _very_ gentle, but I'm also glad to have read it, it did wonders for giving me a kind of reference into math terms from programming (which I already knew).

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