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To be totally frank ... Zuckerberg just helped out one of his friends. Sam Lessin lived in the same dorm as Zuck and they were friends (despite the fact that the Social Network movie suggests he only had one, he had a few).

Sam helped him out and now he's repaying the favor. If it was $10M+ that's nothing when Zuck's a billionaire on paper. Additionally, it doesn't matter what the investors think as he still has complete control of the company. I don't think it's fair to compare Hot Potato and drop.io as there's a history with the founder that wasn't there before.

If I'm sitting on a runaway success, you better be damn sure that I'm going to help my genius friend (Sam's a crazy smart guy) out and bring him on whenever I can. He's only going to add value and when Facebook is expected to be worth $100 billion eventually (pure speculation right now but it's in that direction), there's nothing wrong with holding out a golden hand.

Then why did Sam fuck over his loyal users?

Nobody ever asked us to pay. We would have. But suddenly, bam! It's gone.

Was it a non-negotiable part of the acquisition? Or did he not even try to negotiate?

Drop.io has paid features and additional storage for a fee. I've been a paying user for two years. Paid accounts were even mentioned in the blog post announcing the acquisition.

Seeing the recent development of the site and the evolution of Dropbox made it clear Drop.io wouldn't be around long term.

I never saw it. I never got an email. I never even knew the paid option existed.

Drop.io obviously choked to death because it was too afraid that gesticulating its agony would be embarrassing.

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