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Show HN: Shortcut Roulette – Dangerous, unhelpful shortcut for iOS 12 (shortcutroulette.com)
253 points by shrtctroulette on Nov 20, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 61 comments

This reminds me of a drinking game my friends played in high school.

System32 Roulette is a drinking game where you get a fresh install of Windows 98 on some crappy Pentium 2 in your friend's mom's basement. Each player takes a turn deleting a random file out of System32 (we disabled protections, I forget how), then reboots and tries to play a game of minesweeper. If you can, everyone else takes a drink. If you can't, you finish your drink and the game starts over with a clean install.

I really ought to formalize it and make a container based version of the game. But it's far more fun to do on a real computer from the era.

That sounds like a wonderfully well-paced drinking game.

Kids today would get wasted with an SSD :)

It's true. It was uncanny just how balanced the game was. And there was a meta-layer where the drunker you get, the more awful it was to reinstall Windows 98. We had two computers going to cut down on install time.

I think once we mapped a Thrustmaster snowboard to the mouse and had to use that to navigate. It was awful.

This reminds me of that time I decided to clean up my computer and organized everything inside System32 into neat little folders. Then my computer stopped working and had to be taken in for service.

Fun times.

see also: suicide linux [https://qntm.org/suicide]


You inspired me to write a random poison script.

  VICTIM=$(find * -type f -writable  | shuf | head -n 1)
  CONTENTS=$(head -c 10000 /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z0- 
  echo $VICTIM was poisoned.

Only Me and later had SFP/FP.

I know because people used Back Orifice to clean out these folders and brick relatives’ machines :)

This is absolutely brilliant.

In its current form, it seems more conceptual than practical, but I think an engaging and potentially fun-to-play ("fun"?) gaming product can come out of this.

Classify shortcuts into tiers/difficulty levels

1. baby (little to no real consequence)

2. teenager (slight potential embarrassment)

3. reckless (mortifying but not career- or relationship damaging)

4. daredevil (would require apologies and other face-saving actions to recover)

5. drunken (even with face-saving would inflict career- or -relationship damage)

6. destroyer (guaranteed social consequence; possibly career- or -relationship ending)

7. just no (immoral and illegal in many jurisdictions)

Let opponents create and join the game with real stakes (money, labor, product, reputation, etc.).

Make sure your EULA is ironclad in case any users litigate after having woken up with a massive hangover and finding the entire world angry at them.

UPDATE: The tiers should be additive, so level 4, for example, would include shortcuts from levels 1 through 3.

EDIT: formatting; swap categories 4 and 5; punctuation; number agreement; grammar; add UPDATE

And hook it up to a breathalyzer peripheral so that the level goes up the more you drink.

Wasn't there a movie recently released along these lines?

Some preview of possible outcomes is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oxkvHCRrCh4LxY29KowN...

> Makes your Siri say some shit in a SA accent

SA = Saudi? Or South Africa?

South African. Stretch goal for this one was to pick a random accent and a random message from messages, ideally revealing something embarrassing, but couldn't find a way to do it. So now it languishes in mediocrity till I replace it.

> Tweet your most recent screenshot

Oh wow. They didn't kid around when they said "7. Watch your life fall to pieces."

Pasting the stuff for 0.2.0 in now and allowing people to comment any bugs

A “bug” being a non-embarrassing event?

I can help test apple pay stuff, I have a US apple account and live in Ams.

hmu at shortcutroulette@gmail.com

I love this one

"Modelling agency addresses now bounce back"

This is a great/dumb idea. Let's brainstorm some more life ruining actions:

* Create an alarm to go off for every 5 mins for the rest of the day

* Share what you last copied to clipboard on Social Media

* Text a sexual suggestive gif to a random contact

* Send a message saying "I have {insert random STI}, best get yourself checked out..." to a random contact in your phone.

* Send "So, I've been thinking... How about we try friends with benefits?" To a random contact.

* If you have anyone in your phone as Boss, Manager etc, send them an email with a template of a fairly harsh notice of resignation.

* If it's a woman, send to Mum / Mom / Dad "Hey, I'm going to be a mother! No idea who the father is but it's exciting!".

* If it's a man, send to Mum / Mom / Dad "Hey, so I drunkenly hooked up with some stranger from a bar and I've knocked her up... What to do?"

* Select 2 random contacts A & B. Send to A something about how B won't shut up about wanting to sleep with A.

* Select 2 random contacts A & B. Swap their details (phone no, email etc)

* Respond 'no' to all upcoming calendar events

* Post your last password reset link from your email to Twitter

* Text your reddit username to whatever contact you text the most (likely your significant other)

* Silently remove the most popular, by email count, person from your VIP email list (likely your boss)

* Add entries to the auto correct list: :) -> ;) hey -> heyyyy

* Change any daily alarm from AM to PM, but leave the alarm enabled

> * Silently remove the most popular, by email count, person from your VIP email list (likely your boss)

Or block that person and add an auto-reply with something insulting.

Copy the browser history from a random day into an email and send to X random contact.

Factory reset your phone (idk if it can do this, but I want this one)

Update all the contact names in your phone with names of adult film stars.

If this is still an issue, send a unicode string that will reboot an iPhone to a contact.

Send a random Bible passage to a contact, or tweet it, or Instagram it.

Ditto, but random Quran passage.

Post an Inspirobot image to Instagram/twitter. (http://inspirobot.me/)

Dial a random (but valid) US phone number.

>Send a random Bible passage to a contact, or tweet it, or Instagram it.

>Ditto, but random Quran passage.

Trivia: Half of Quran verses consists of corrupted Biblical passages (due to the fact Syriac Aramaic text interpreted as Arabic), along with other half of weird poetic legal texts.

Set an alarm to a random time in one of the upcoming nights. Sound is one of the top 10 tracks in a random country.

* Tweet a death threat to a random stranger

* Encrypt a random photo and email to the NSA

* Repeatedly admit to random horrible crime types on Twitter.

Am I doing it right? You did say life-ruining.

All of these suggestions are noted and appreciated

* Change all contact names to "Mom" or the most frequently contacted individual.

Frequent, random Internet searches regarding bioweapons, chemical weapons, fabricating nuclear weapons, and how to get in contact with various terrorist organizations.

* Subscribe to a random podcast

* Delete a random app

* Attempt to Rick Roll a contact

* Send the last thing you asked Siri to twitter

* Random photo to facebook

* Name all contacts in the phone the same

Borjes' Lottery in Babylon explores that concept further https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lottery_in_Babylon

Send "heyyyy" to 20 random contacts.

Individually or group chat?

Create a group chat with all contacts containing 'ex' in the name/comment. Send 'sup losers' to the chat, leave the chat.

If only "leave the chat" were a real iPhone feature...

It is with iMessages. Not sure if you can leave one you've started, but I've left some that others have started (my email address was similar to their friend's).

See, this is what's so brilliant about technology. We all know that social media is (okay, probably) going to be the death of society, and these bright sparks have worked out a way to "shortcut"[1] the process.

No death throes of the Republic, we can just move straight to being social outcasts and speed up the atomisation of our society.

Fk, I wish I was joking.

[1]: See what I did there? :-)

reminds me of Social Roulette [1] which was also brilliant. this seems like a much more involved (and potentially life-ruining) version of that. cheers to making something interesting!

[1] http://socialroulette.net/

This is amazing

Like the rod of wonder, but worse. amazing.


This has a lot of potential - imagine a "Book of many things" following the concept of this app!

I have no words for how dumb/brilliant that is.

How does "send selfie to a contact" work when the user physically has to press send for imessages? As far as I'm aware you cannot get iOS to send SMS's or iMessages on behalf of the user.

In this case, I've chosen to have all the messages show up with the user having to confirm with the send button. However, this isn't necessary for all information. I've built a shortcut that can take contact data, put it in a message, and send it to a predetermined number without a preview showing.

here it is: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/a62bc8f849ff4534a4a77812302...

(it sends to a dummy number)

Shortcuts can send messages without any user interaction. However I think there is an exception if you are attaching an image; for privacy reasons.

This is an absolutely horrible idea.

... I love it!

With proper execution and promotion it will be a pop culture highlight for decades.

shame we won't ever give it either

Bravo. I would play this, and likely lose very fast.

Oh, no.

I'm so sorry for this

Can I make this into an app is that possible I’ll give it out for free?

This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing! :)

I want to meet this product team and look them in the eyes so I can see what an empty abyss looks like.

... so they can implement it!

That is so awesome!

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