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I actually like this art quite a bit, don't find it uglish at all. Sad that it's not functional anymore, how did the collaboration take place? It could not have been real time at the time could it?

It was actually a pretty cool site. You would reserve one of the free square "tiles" and would only see a thin stripe of the neighboring tile that you'd paint next to. You'd get a png image with something like 10 pixels of the neigboring tiles on the edges, that you had to blend into, and given 24 hours I think to reupload to the site. Only when all 4 neighboring tiles were completed a tile would be revealed. It was a lot of fun. They also had stuff like imaginary gold coins for X number of painted tiles, not for yourself, but that you could award to a tile you especially liked somebody else made.

I also like the art in the sense that it allows all kinds of perspectives to flow into the image, and there is a way greater complexity than somebody alone could create. It would be worthwhile to recreate the site - maybe I'll do it some day (-:

That sounds very fun and I'd like to see things going in the direction of creative "social" platforms/communities/ games/experiments made for humans to play with not dumbed down and yet simple.

This idea could be turned into a phone app, and experimented with real time aspects of drawing concurrently, layers, sounds, video frames. Imagine stitching together a film edited and directed by 50 people in the similar vein as the tiles site. I think we have amazing possibilities and the technology for real time collaboration is here already, we just have to have a different vision than what the big companies want from us.

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