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>I'm going to put out a guess and say that most of the department with the nice desks have "Manager" or "Director" in the title

not exactly. It is just "nicer" departments like legal, etc and more important/cool/key projects as the top management see.

>It's like the bit about open-plan offices. Management knows they're shit and you can't get work done in them. That's why they have offices of their own.

oh yes! The most fresh hot-off-the-pan "open" office plans that we've recently got don't repeat a foolish mistake of the open office plans they implemented just a few years ago - the few years ago they put everybody including directors (and sometimes even low ranking VPs) in the "open", while now it is like the old typical cubicle farm where cubicle space for plebs was surrounded by private offices for managers, etc. - only minus actual cubicles (for better inter-plebs collaboration and communication :). Full panopticon for the plebs.

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