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I've no idea why you were downvoted. The idea of a $20 solution for trying-out a standing desk (two crates upturned and a plank of wood on top) vs. a commitment of $300-$400 seems like a worthwhile contribution.

And as far as a criticism of it being "wobbly" -- i've seen automobiles perched on top of plastic milk-bottle crates. Not that I'd recommend it, but surely one will safely hold a relatively breezy laptop and a monitor (15kg total?)

Amazon even sells a multi-level cardboard standing desk for $25 that's perhaps a touch more attractive than a milk crate: https://www.amazon.com/Spark-Ergodriven-Perfect-Standing-Med...

So give it a try. See if a more neutral head-up posture and straight spine are agreeable. If so, consider an upgrade to a "real" standing desk. If not, no real risk or loss.

Personally I have indeed already tried this, and it worked very well for me, hence why I'm planning on getting a proper desk. However the cheap setup is massively inconvenient in my flat, hence why I've not been using it much. I pretty much only have one place I can sit (my desk) so I have to constantly disassemble/reassemble it, which is annoying!

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