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Just as a counter anecdote, I drink about 6-8 litres over the course of a day (generally 2 litres in morning before I go to work, 4 during work and 1-2 after work) and have never experienced this. Bear in mind I do 1.5 hrs cardio when I get up, maybe this makes me thirstier throughout the day. Only time I ever had symptoms of over-hydration (very similar to symptoms of dehydration, classic one is a headache) was when I was drinking over 10 litres per day.

Yep, I would often get a headache and think, "boy I should drink some water!" and it didn't go away. But then I would eat a salty snack and it improved.

I'm getting more active, but still not great yet. Good to know it's something that flexes with activity.

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