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We have such an environment, called Elevate Web Builder:



- Uses a statically-typed language (Object Pascal), compiled to JS, code compression is a simple build option, and the compiler is very fast:


- Layout management is universal (not various, competing forms of layout) and easy to use:


- You can create your own non-visual components and controls and install them into the IDE or share them with others:


(the source code to the entire runtime and component library is included with the product)

- The look and feel of every control in an EWB application can be customized:


- Uses icon fonts for icons (you can also use raster images, if you want), so applications look crisp on any device:


- You can use any existing external JS code by coding an external interface to the external JS code (FFI), so even external JS code references will be type-checked by the compiler:



- The code editor is rudimentary and requires some more polish (code-completion, etc.)

- Debugging isn't supported via the IDE, yet

- There are still a few missing controls like a treeview and charts, but you can interface with JS products like HighCharts without issue

- The compiler still needs some work in the areas of interfaces, generics, and set support

We have a new Elevate Web Builder 3 coming out soon that has a new IDE and web/application server with built-in TLS, authentication, session management, role-based access control, database API, remote application deployment, and event logging. You can, effectively, manage and monitor any EWB 3 web server remotely from within the new IDE:


Initially EWB 3's web server will be available for Windows only, but we will be offering a Linux/Mac daemon version in early 2019.

The ultimate goal for the product is to provide a single-language solution to both front-end and back-end applications with one-click application deployment and deployment of server instances.

(Sorry for the "advertisement" - I just see this sentiment come up a lot here, and I think it's important for people to know that that there are companies working on solutions)

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