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Honestly there is absolutely no need to splash out on expensive standing desks. I literally have two upturned plastic crates on my desk to support my monitor, and then two stacks of books to support my keyboard and also my mouse. Total cost about 5$. The important point is to make sure the height of the boxes or whatever you use is adjusted to eye level and roughly elbow level for the keyboard.

The only downside is if you want to switch between sitting and standing, but frankly it's easier to just use a laptop for sitting for a little while until you get used to standing for longer.

I've no idea why you were downvoted. The idea of a $20 solution for trying-out a standing desk (two crates upturned and a plank of wood on top) vs. a commitment of $300-$400 seems like a worthwhile contribution.

And as far as a criticism of it being "wobbly" -- i've seen automobiles perched on top of plastic milk-bottle crates. Not that I'd recommend it, but surely one will safely hold a relatively breezy laptop and a monitor (15kg total?)

Amazon even sells a multi-level cardboard standing desk for $25 that's perhaps a touch more attractive than a milk crate: https://www.amazon.com/Spark-Ergodriven-Perfect-Standing-Med...

So give it a try. See if a more neutral head-up posture and straight spine are agreeable. If so, consider an upgrade to a "real" standing desk. If not, no real risk or loss.

Personally I have indeed already tried this, and it worked very well for me, hence why I'm planning on getting a proper desk. However the cheap setup is massively inconvenient in my flat, hence why I've not been using it much. I pretty much only have one place I can sit (my desk) so I have to constantly disassemble/reassemble it, which is annoying!

Ikea has a motorized desk now for about $400: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49022538/

It's slightly wobbly at max height, but otherwise not bad.

Many people, myself included, want sit-stand desks that don't wobble. That's where the cost comes in. https://jakeseliger.com/2015/01/24/geekdesk-max-sit-stand-de...

I've never seen a stack of textbooks wobble. Although they might cost more than the desk!

Bracing it against the wall is sufficient in my experience.

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