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I read this exact part. Who does not suffer back pain after hours of sitting? If it does not hurt, does it mean it is still good to be sitting all the time? no. The author sounds like back pain is not a typical problem and that exercise is a huge part of the reason people use standing desks.

Who doesn't? Me, for a start.

I've honestly never understood the standing desk thing. I mean if it alleviates back pain or just makes you happy, sure. Why not?

It's not a given that everyone suffers back or neck pain from sitting though.

sample size of one, but I have suffered lower back pain for about 15 years. It is always there, but worse some times than others. When it is bad, I cannot sit in the chair for more than a couple of minutes. Standing at the desk (well a box on a desk that my laptop goes on) the pain is reduced so can at least get a days work done.

Raises hand, another one who's back doesn't hurt while sitting.

Anecdotally, me. At least since I bought a proper office chair (Leap v2), I can sit all day with no back pain. If I sit for several hours without moving I may be a little stiff when I stand up, but no pain. Just a reminder that I'm old and I shouldn't be sitting for three-four hours straight.

I never suffer back pain from sitting. Expert chair sitter here. Well over 30,000 hours in the game. Been sitting 10+ hours/day for 15 years now. Only thing that ever hurts significantly for me is my neck - which comes from poor posture and it's fixed by being just slightly conscious about it.

So maybe you experience back pain but not everyone does.

Purely anecdotal, I had developed some back and neck pain a few months ago from sitting too long at work. I did some workouts (freeletics) and within 1-2 weeks all the problems went away.

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