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Best strategy is just drinking enough that you need to hit the restroom with reasonable frequency. You stay hydrated and get well-timed walking/headspace breaks. Win-win.

Anecdotal, but be wary. I drank a lot of water for a long time (120+ ounces a day of water, plus whatever else I would drink). I was constantly thirsty and was worried I had diabetes. It turns out I was drinking _too_ much water and was flushing out valuable electrolytes from my system. Drinking less paradoxically left me feeling quenched, but it took a doctor's visit and blood work to resolve.

Just as a counter anecdote, I drink about 6-8 litres over the course of a day (generally 2 litres in morning before I go to work, 4 during work and 1-2 after work) and have never experienced this. Bear in mind I do 1.5 hrs cardio when I get up, maybe this makes me thirstier throughout the day. Only time I ever had symptoms of over-hydration (very similar to symptoms of dehydration, classic one is a headache) was when I was drinking over 10 litres per day.

Yep, I would often get a headache and think, "boy I should drink some water!" and it didn't go away. But then I would eat a salty snack and it improved.

I'm getting more active, but still not great yet. Good to know it's something that flexes with activity.

If you are physically active with either intense cardio or weightlifting 3-5+ hours a week, you need to eat enough that 120 ounces is basically the starting point the proper hydration.

As with most things physiological, the system is a balancing act with a lot of independent variables that need to be taken into account. If you eat two meals of 800-1k calories each, and you don't work out, a gallon of water a day is probably way too much. You may be mildly dehydrated but you'll feel just as bad flushing out the electrolytes as you mentioned. But if you're working out consistently, building muscle, and eating 3k-4k calories a day to support that level of activity, 180-200 ounces of water a day is nothing.

Good to know. I've been intentionally getting a lot more active and have had to fight a bit of thirst for fear of repeating my folly. I won't be so afraid to drink a bit more.

It also helps to spread the drinking out (which makes it harder to do IMO unless you're pretty diligent). Anecdotally I feel much better drinking slightly less water but spread throughout the day as opposed to drinking the "right" amount of water but 2+ full glasses at a time.

Interesting. I've actually developed a Lacroix addiction and feel constantly thirsty. Maybe I should tone it down a little...

Indeed, you have to be careful not to overdose on water. More people die from too much water than too little.

You don't need to be particularly careful. Apparently, the stats show the vast majority of deaths from overhydration in normal individuals are the result of water-drinking contests or exercise-related overhydration in ultramarathons and similar

Is this real? Are there people sitting at their desk at work drinking themselves to death with water?

This is my strategy as well. Keep a Nalgene topped up with water and pee like 10 times a day. Coworkers might raise an eyebrow, but who cares. It works great because of the power of habit--it's easy to sip a little bit of water every few minutes, and then of course you're forced to get up and move around/pee when the urge is strong enough.

I used to do this but meetings became unbearable with the urge to pee striking every hour.

I use this strategy, but still find the sit/stand desk useful. Certain types of work are best done in a standing position with my "Rhythm Energy" playlist playing through headphones.

This is why I only drink my water out of a coffee cup. You don't have to worry about flushing all electrolytes and you also get up more frequently to refill your water in the first place.

For some reason I can't drink cold liquids out of an opaque cup. It feels really weird to me to drink water or juice out of a mug, it needs to be in a glass or clear water bottle.

Are you my cat?

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