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It is very long, at 2 meters. I can't see that size being easy to maneuver or park. In Germany for example, scooters and motorcycles can be parked anywhere on pavements. This would be harder to park and more conspicuous (just by size, leave alone the looks!).

I'm all for e-scooters replacing ICE scooters though, for the noise and air pollution benefits. I bought an ICE scooter to putter around in the city mainly because the cheapest e-scooter was almost 3x the price and could only be serviced by the manufacturer. I hope the next scooter I buy will be electric and have a good range.

> In Germany for example, scooters and motorcycles can be parked anywhere on pavements

Not true, motorcycles have the same parking rules as cars. It's just easier to park a bike so that it doesn't get in the way, making it more likely it's ignored.

Usually the Ordnungsamt people don't ignore anything that can translated into fines.

You can park any motor bike on the pavement (sidewalk) - even a Goldwing ?

I have not spent much time in Germany, but I believe it is not technically allowed except for specifically marked (signage) sidewalks. It's just accepted basically everywhere. A Goldwing is very nearly as big as a Smart FourTwo, I would suspect that if someone complained you would get a ticket. Best case, a bemused policeman laughing and asking how you managed to get it up over the curb.

Germans are surprisingly relaxed about rules, despite the reputation. If nobody will get hurt, then it's usually not a big deal in my experience. This is the country of the autobahn and Oktoberfest. Compare that to Switzerland (where I have spent more time); there the police will give you stern warnings even if you haven't broken the law. They are very "just-so".

Usually yes, if it's not in the way of pedestrians. The MC/scooter parking laws (and filtering for that matter) are surprisingly lax in Germany. I've only once seen a MC to get a parking ticket and this was even warranted as it was blocking a entrance to a house/garage.

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