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No, $700 is not a push style pedestrian scooter where I live. That would be an insane amount of money to spend on something like that here.

$700 gets you something that you can drive on the city streets & highways with a range of 100km and can carry 2 people.


Well this is not really targeting the same market then. I also live "not in the US" (in France) and the electric scooter I see the most in our streets is the BMW C evolution which retails at more than 15k euros.

I'm not surprised that things are cheaper in Vietnam given the lower wages and very different culture when it comes to motorized two wheeled vehicles.

Gratuitous rip of Piagios "Vespa (tm) Trade dress there :-)

I can’t see any product info on the page you link (it’s just a static image; iOS 12 + Safari), but it appears to have a 50cc engine. $700 is still a pretty darn low price point, but I doubt it can go the advertised 95mph the scooter FTA claims. I’ve never seen a stock 50cc anything with claimed top speed above 50mph, so these are entirely different classes in both engineering and safety requirements.

If you kill everything but the root in his url you get here https://www.pega.com.vn/

Which lists scooters for up to 15,700,000 Vietnamese dong = 675 USD.

I don't speak any Vietnamese, but looking at the specs listed at the bottom of https://www.pega.com.vn/pega-trans.html I'm guessing top speed 50 km/h range 100km.

So, by "not the US" did you mean Vietnam, then? That would have been clearer.

Did you think "not the US" meant Canada?

No, there's a huge difference between 1st world nations and up-coming Asian nations. Cost of any given consumer item is vastly different, salaries vastly different, and in automotive industries, a HUGE difference in safety and design.

How much difference can there really be, safety-wise? It's a scooter...

Emissions. Quality of battery pack (lots of stored energy) on electrics. General durability/quality (things like fasteners, tires, brake lines) that might not impact immediate safety, but over time failures cause problems.

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