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The idea would be that WASM will facilitate a particular language with a good standard library would be used to create an easy to use GUI drawing and then coding setup.

But yes, it wouldn't support every language that could compile to WASM and you're right that would be even harder than creating a good tool for Javascript.

Such "easy to use GUI drawing libraries" would still need to be written in javascript. If you want actual things to appear in the browser you still need to interact with the DOM, which is actually harder with WASM, not easier.

And while it's technically possible to say, just compile QT to wasm and give it a CANVAS tag as a dumb drawing surface, you've just broken accessibility, and that's a deal breaker.

Then we need APIs that would allow GUI frameworks that render onto <canvas> to support accessibility. Such APIs have existed on desktop platforms for decades now, and popular frameworks like Qt use them, even when they draw all the widgets themselves.

By the way, Qt-on-wasm-on-canvas is already a thing: http://blog.qt.io/blog/2018/05/22/qt-for-webassembly/

Native toolkits also support accessibility.

And while accessibility is a big issue, I must sadly acknowledge that I am yet to have a project require compliance and validate its implementation, as such it never gets done.

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