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This reminds me, I should study ninja's binary format and maybe borrow it :)

The sqlite3 database used in redo was just something I threw together in the first few minutes. sqlite was always massive overkill for the problem space, but because it never caused any problems, it's been hard to justify working on it. I'd like to port redo from python to C, though, and then the relative size of depending on a whole database will matter a lot more.

Someone rewrote ninja from scratch in C at one point and it's shockingly tiny. (No tests = no extra abstractions to make testing possible.)

I found samurai and it is indeed tiny! ~3400 lines was less than I was expecting for *.[ch] !


Ninja isn't too big though. It looks like about 13K of non-test code, which is great for a mature and popular project. Punting build logic to a higher layer seems to have been a big win :)

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