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We've built an explicitly Visual Basic-like development environment for the web, which I think fits your bill: https://anvil.works.

It's got a drag'n'drop UI creator, you use Python to build the front-end and the back-end (with proper autocomplete, VB-style), and it even has a built-in database if you need one.

"Drop a title here" wtf what does the app doesn't create one for me when I double click (maybe ask me for confirmation if you think user intent is not clear)

Don't create your own icons, use already known icons, Ab and Ab-but-with-underline doesn't clearly mean "Text" and "Link" but the word "Text" and the famous anchor icon do.

Seems really cool but the selection of controls looks too humble (no TreeView? I'm choosing a trchnology to build an app on right now and I need a tree) - IMHO this is a severe limitation for the platform usefulness, I really hope more controls are going to be introduced.

Also as far as I can understand it won't let you export apps the way one could run them on their own outside of your servers - this limits the usage too.

quick glance, looks interesting.. but without "won't let you export apps " - I would never buy in.. if you can export, then it suffers from the same lack of easy to understand that webflow has suffered from it's initial launch.

I liked the tree view that netobjects fusion had years ago, it makes bigger sites easier to work with.

Still trying to carve out time to try pinegrow to see if it's got enough drag and drop and resize to make me no longer miss netobjest fusion.

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