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What polymorphism and garbage collection have in common (2013) (okmij.org)
100 points by gbrown_ 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

The main thing is that the less you care about performance, the more useful they both are. And vice versa.

Is there a more direct way to encode garbage collection in type unification without separate treatment?

Eg can you chain pure fuctions together that pass a world(memory block) around inside of some user defined monad that does the memory management/garbage collection for you?

Back in the 90s there was some work on "region-based memory management", which is kindof this. The type of every function that allocates memory is parameterized on a region to allocate it, and the type of every value is tagged with the region it was allocated in. It's then possible to use something similar to the Hindley-Milner algorithm to infer what the regions should be. At the point when Hindley-Milner would generalize to make a polymorphic type, you know that the corresponding region variable is no longer "leaking", so you can insert the operations to allocate/free it.


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