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I'm not disappointed because I don't think removing the benefits of thought and effort by people who have studied and understand user interface design, interaction, usability, accessibility, Fitts' Law, etc, is such a great idea or good for users.

Drawing where to put the widgets (and not using constraints or grids or automatic layout or adaptive rules or responsive design, or user testing and performance measurement and empirical evaluation) isn't the hard or important part of user interface design.

Who is supposed to benefit from this? A company who refuses to hire a competent user interface designer and wants to crank something out really quick regardless of quality? Users spend much more time using an interface than you spend designing and implementing it, so optimizing the time and amount of mental effort you have to put into making a user interface isn't worth it if it doesn't result in a better, easier to use interface.

I imagine a WordPress-like site, where you draw widgets and bring it to life with a theme. Maybe nothing too rocket sciency, but I reckon there's a market for it.

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