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Now that is a super interesting idea. Create a flow scheme too so you can process transitions?

flow:success f1:s1->f1:s2->f1:s3

flow:error f1:e1->f1:e2

edit: another thought is that this concept could encourage people in your org who struggle with wireframe technology to express their ideas. Generationally and across culture, smartphone use is now accepted. People also know how to draw on pencil and paper. Now all you are asking them is a final DSL to express their thoughts. Lower barrier?

edit2: there is also something to be said for having someone step through their wireframe and flow control by taking pictures. It may take the abstract and create something tangible as they can logically piece their work together with actual pieces of paper?

Yeah, a flow scheme would be killer. You could easily come up with many different prototypes and get quick feedback on what works or doesn't work.

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