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Stop. Just because you refuse to do basic troubleshooting doesn't mean this person shouldn't have showed it off.

I agree with the GP's points, if not its tone. Some basic instructions would really help anyone try this out, and the creator's the best person to write them down.

And it seems the creator plans to do just that. So, kudos.

Just fixed it for 15 minutes but it is still far from running, I would rather wait until project instructions are added.

Hello, thank you for your interest ! I have fixed the repo structure and added instructions on how to build and run. Hopefully that is fine, if not please tell me about it and I shall update it as soon as possible.

Thank you for fixing, I think it's close. Now, flask says "index.html" is missing :-) also step 2 should have "pip3 install -r" instead of "python3 -r".

Ah yes, I'm at work now. I'll fix that as soon as I get back, though that will probably be after a few hours.

done :)

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