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7 comments in, and it's all ragging on this. Good job everyone

What’s the purpose of developing in the open if not to get feedback? A pat on the back and a attaboy doesn’t help anyone improve.

I feel people who are only willing to point out negatives (without any appreciation for good parts) should refrain from giving feedback. Frankly speaking, such feedback isn't very motivating.

Nor is it actionable. Exists solely for the "critic" to signal how unimpressed they are, as if seeing the defects in something is some challenging feat.

We're in this obnoxious age of confusing useful criticism with any reaction one can come up with on the fly, no matter how superficial. Like it's their destiny to weigh in on something as rapidly as they can, and as if they're doing some critical service for the universe.

The comment above exemplifies this when they say "what, we're supposed to pat them on the head and say attaboy?" No, the problem is that you think you need to fire off some undigested response at all. If you have nothing meaningful to say, then just say nothing. It's okay.

The feedback was actionable

- add a requirements.txt to list dependencies

- create a .gitignore file.

Half the comments here bring to mind the infamous Dropbox comment: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9224

Reinforces my personal rule-of-thumb that any comment HN has about UX can be safely ignored.

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