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Well, one-way binding (or rather, unilateral data flow) is why I prefer React :)

"v-model" isn't two-way binding like in AngularJS where both parent and child can modify the same data. It's just shorthand for defining a property and an event handler. Like in React, properties flow down and events flow up. See https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/forms.html

Makes sense, I've done some Angular but I'm not used to Vue.

Not really related but forms really are the most painful thing to handle in all those frontend frameworks, it's driving me insane how much work has to go into them when it's dead simple with a backend framework (eg Symfony/Django)!

There are frameworks for AngularJS etc that handle most of the work in rendering forms.

Same here.

But I probably wouldn't look too much into React if I wasn't forced to do it in a project 3 years ago.

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