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I don’t think the comparison with JQuery vs JS is at all similar. JSX was created for React, and nearly every time you see React code it’s using JSX. Technically, each of them can be used separately, but it’s a very reasonable impression to consider JSX one of the main features of React.

JS was not created for JQuery, and you can not used JQuery without JS.

"jQuery was created for JS, and nearly every time you see JS code it's using jQuery." Doesn't that sound like something you would hear a few years ago?

Sure, but that’s a linguistic trick. That sentence implies a completely different meaning for the word “for”.

When I say JSX was created for React, I mean that it was created to be a part of the design of React. Meaning they both first came into broader public awareness at the same time, together, and have continued to be promoted as two independent parts of a single system.

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