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Similarly, I'm a Vue fan, and them having to keep up with and learn from React's moves keeps it solid. I am very happy with recent updates to Vue and their framework is a pleasure to develop with (the tradeoff being a certain level of power that React provides that Vue cannot obtain, but it's plenty).

What power does React offer you that Vue can't? It'd be quite interesting to hear your take on it.

Being able to tell everyone that you know react.

Exporting reactive JS native apps for iOS and Android is the most significant feature -- was what I would have said.

I looked it up before writing this comment, and apparently Vue introduced this in June 2018. Case in point of this comment thread :)

With vue native you can use anything from the react native community in a vue application. You get the best of both worlds!


The funny thing is that that’s built on top of react native isn’t it?

I thought this was the preferred option? https://nativescript-vue.org/

nativescript-vue has made a lot of progress over the past few months, it’s shaping up to be a pretty great mobile development experience.

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