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I've written 2-3 kLOC of both boost::python and Pyrex (what Cython is based on) over many years to greatly speed up critical parts of my code, and I'm sticking with the Cython way from now on. Boost::Python uses complex template meta programming to allow you access to Python objects in C++; you're mostly writing C++. I like how I can see what I'm getting with Cython as opposed to trying to fathom the template metamagic.

Back when I used Pyrex my main problem was accidentally using some variable or function that was not C declared and Pyrex silently generating code for that that called into Python, requiring a review of the generated C code -- I think Cython has fixed that so you can see when it turns something like foo(x) into Py_GetTheGlobalVar("foo") etc.

Anyway, that's a view from a production environment which has used Pyrex for 3-4 years with great success.

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