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I'm neutral on getting a white iPhone but I would love to see an iPhone model that:

* had a Back button in Mobile Safari that consistently redisplayed a cached version of the previous web page, by default. use a portion of the flash space if needed for this cache

* had a way to temporarily disable device auto-rotate -- the bane of users who are moving or fidgeting or laying down

* Photo collection synching -- why is the only way I can get them off by selecting up to 4 at a time and emailing them to myself? They're just files. Copy them to your host desktop just like all those other files they've been synching for years.

...the color white? purty, but, not a substantive improvement like the above would be.

I used to jailbreak my iPhone solely to get a rotation lock — now in iOS 4 you can double-tap the home button to bring up the task list, swipe from left to right, and lock the current orientation with the button on the left.

thanks for tip. i've just tried it and it seems to only lock it into Portrait mode, regardless of which mode you really want. So you can't lock into Landscape orientation, for example. Frustrating. Baby step progress, at least.

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