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> I would say that except in some very special cases, writing raw Python C interface is useless ...

I would disagree. Cython is less known and has a learning curve. CPython extension interface is well established and more common. That is not an insignificant advantage.

Do you stop for a couple weeks to learn Cython, and do you have complete confidence in its generated code, or do you just start using something you know and is tried and true? It depends. We chose C Python extensions or just writing hotspots in C in a separate process.

The C API also has a learning curve, and is certainly harder than cython. You don't need a couple of weeks to learn cython - I rewrote one small package from ctypes to cython in ~ 1 day, without previous experience in cython.

The problem of C python extensions is that it is so hard to write correctly because of reference counting.

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