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Show HN: Quicksy – Jabber with phone number verification and contact discovery (quicksy.im)
40 points by inputmice 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

This looks like a nice way to get your non technical friends onto the federated network, and shows that xmpp really isn't behind centralized silo messengers in functionality and usability.

Most siloed messengers are XMPP.

Some siloed messengers offer some subset of XMPP connectivity.

However, we need to differentiate multiple aspects here:

- does the messenger allow users to use an XMPP client? This was possible on Facebook messenger for a while but was discontinued.

- does the messenger allow users to talk to XMPP users on other servers? This used to be possible with GTalk, but only if you didn't install Hangouts and only if the other server allowed unencrypted communication (which they typically don't since at least 2013). It's possible with Cisco and was possible with Lync/Skype for Business, but only after convincing your domain admin to whitelist the remote server.

- is it using XMPP under the hood? WhatsApp used to, before they mutilated the protocol. https://xmpp.org/uses/gaming.html lists some online gaming platforms that are technically XMPP, but it doesn't really matter for the users.

Quicksy answers to all these questions with a clear "yes", giving its users (and their friends!) more choices than any other phone number based IM system.

I don't disagree with anything you've said, maybe my point wasn't clear though.

The post I replied to said:

> shows that xmpp really isn't behind centralized silo messengers in functionality and usability.

The siloed systems using non-federated XMPP (possibly with some private extensions) shows that it's technically very capable.

Why is there a 4.99EUR fee to get an external jabber id listed?

> We charge a small fee to enter your Jabber ID and phone number into our directory. This cross financing allows us to make Quicksy completely free for its users.

How is it different from JMP.chat ?

JMP.chat gives you a new phone number that you use via XMPP, with Quicksy you use your phone number to automatically discover other users on the (federated) xmpp network.

Not having end to end encryption is sad.

But it has. It is enabled by default

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