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This drives me fucking crazy.

I have a long history of emailing a particular dude, call him Greg. Greg's email address does not have any periods in it. Gmail ignores periods, yes, but many other clients don't, so I want to never type Greg's email with a period. Further, I want to be able to reliably grep and join my own email exports.

Upon buying a new phone I received an email from Frank, who cc'd Greg. Fucking Frank has Greg's email address with a period in it.

From now on, no matter what I do, my phone autocomplete's Greg's email address with a period. At first I manually fixed it every time, but at this point I've given up. Now I'm as bad as Frank. It's like this virus that goes from Frank to Frank polluting the data as it goes.

If my contacts are going to be changeable by other people can they at the very least ask me first? Greg is on Gmail, can Gmail not auto-switch Greg to his canonical email unless I specifically request it not to? If Greg is going to be changed, why on earth is it one way (the right way) in my web inbox and a completely different way in my phone?


In my case, my friend's name got replaced with something like "Schookums Bear <3" after replying to an email from his fiance.

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