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I've created an account to try Azure last weekend, it took me 2 hours to sign-up due to issues in the registration on their end, and then once it finally worked, I copied an example from their documentation. 5 minutes after, I received an email that I was banned for "security reasons", so yeah if they can't even handle a sign-up properly, I wonder how they want to reach the top spot of the cloud market, I'll for sure try to avoid Azure in the future for any company I go.

The AWS console is far from being great but last time I used Azure’s it was terribly slow and full of little bugs. The UI was kind of flashy and hip and combined with the bugs it made them seem silly, especially contrasted against the AWS console’s utilitarian look. It was painful. I’m not saying I’ll never try it again but I’d need to be convinced.

I totally agree with that, during the small amount of time I had access I found that the UI clearly has some issues. It's clunky, slow and difficult to navigate. AWS isn't exactly a great model of good UI but Azure is clearly even worse, I would personally put GCP in the top spot for the UI and Azure as the last one.

Agreed. GCP UI is... Actually usable. There are cases where I prefer that to the UI or API.

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