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How can someone get to this if they don't know the URL?

I made a guess at the url based on how they format their live urls. I guess this could be one negative of having nice urls.

The current signup urls are:

Maximum: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Max/signup/new

Premium: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Premium/signup/new

Plus: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Plus/signup/new

Old Plans:

Basic: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Basic/signup/new

Free: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Free/signup/new

Oh, of course. I meant people who wouldn't think of hacking the url ;^). So it looks like the old plans are there but they just don't want to make it easy to get to them.

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