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This is both a) ballsy and b) going to buy DHH another few sportscars.

People should A/B test more, including consequential tests like product mix and pricing.

We (RescueTime) did TONS of A/B testing on pricing/plans, to very good effect. People seem really hesitant to do this for fear of pissing off customers, but we didn't get any complaints. A few folks noticed, and we'd always honor the lowest price they saw if they were part of the experiment.

How much of a fluctuation did you test? $9 vs $19? $49 vs $99?

We mostly only had enough volume for solo users, where we tested anywhere from $4-$20/month for an individual account. Found VERY little difference in conversion anywhere below $10, with a big dropoff thereafter. Pretty remarkable that conversions change almost not at all between 9.95 and 3.95/month.

Our volume for business signups wasn't super high at the time (that's since changed-- go RescueTime!), so we didn't fiddle much with that.

I also heard from an ex-employee at FreshBooks that there was little difference between $12.99 and $19.99 in terms of conversion.

It must be a common psychological trait to value things in sequences of $9-10.

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