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I am a current Oracle employee and blame a lot of the mistakes on the overseas development team in india. They are (not all but enough to matter) terrible programmers, but hey when you can throw 10 Indian programmers at a problem for the cost of one American... You can blame your blated mismanaged code base on their management over there. This is likely do to the attrition and generally less talented and less autonomous engineering style.

There is a clear difference between code developed AND maintained in the US vs. code that was developed in India, or code developed in USA and given to Indian developers to manage support. Nothing against Indians, but Ive been around the block and there seems to be a lesser quality of code from that part of the world and companies justifyvit in cost savings.

I have not found this to be true at all. I have seen both US and Indian developers adding good code as well as ugly code to the Oracle Database product.

The actual damage was done much before I had joined Oracle. It appears that somewhere in the early 2000s, the Oracle codebase went from manageable to sphagetti monster. The changelog showed more changes from US developers than Indian developers at that time. Once the damage was done, all developers whether from the US or India now need to follow this painful process to fix bugs and add features.

Actually, you can blame this to Oracle top management (especially in a company structured as Oracle is): they called the shots, from day 1.

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