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Update: Jason Fried responds

Shortly after our post went live, 37signals founder Jason Fried left a comment, clarifying that they are toying with the design of the sign-up page, but that all of the old plans are still available.

"While we used to have four plans on the sign up chart, today we only have three," said Fried. "Same prices as before, just fewer plans displayed. A while back we used to have six plans to choose from, but we found that was ultimately confusing customers. So we went to five. Then we went to four. Now we're experimenting with three."

Fried echoed Hansson's earlier statement that the changes are purely experimental and that they may continue to alter the plans listed on their sign-up page, depending on their findings.

To add, none of the prices have changed. The make up of the plans, and the prices of the plans, are the same as they were before the experiment.

The experiment is in design, layout, suggestion, and reducing the number of plans shown at sign up to reduce confusion.

Interesting. Thanks for the update. So the news is that they are merely toying with the idea of making $49/mo the new "cheap" plan. That would eliminate the free plan (do they still have that?) as well as the $12 and $24 plans.

They don't have the free and $12 and $24 plans listed on the website anymore as far as I can tell, but perhaps you are able to downgrade to one of those plans after signing up for one of the other plans.

Free plan isn't displayed, but available at https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Free/signup/new

How can someone get to this if they don't know the URL?

I made a guess at the url based on how they format their live urls. I guess this could be one negative of having nice urls.

The current signup urls are:

Maximum: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Max/signup/new

Premium: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Premium/signup/new

Plus: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Plus/signup/new

Old Plans:

Basic: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Basic/signup/new

Free: https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Free/signup/new

Oh, of course. I meant people who wouldn't think of hacking the url ;^). So it looks like the old plans are there but they just don't want to make it easy to get to them.

There is a mention of the Free Plan on the Sign Up page, right under the Max/Premium/Plus boxes.

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