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In the southern part of India, it is common to have Idlis (fermented rice steamed dumplings) for breakfast and most households make Idli batter the previous night, and let it ferment and raise. The more the batter raises, the softer the Idlis are (and sour), and the mother often summons the kid to stir it with their bare hands. It is always the kid whose microbes help the batter ferment the most. This dubious honor fell on my hands, no pun intended. Most nights, before we slept, my mother used to shout out to come and stir the batter.

This is a charming, wholesome, and interesting anecdote. Thank-you for sharing.

Those sound interesting. Got any recipes?

This is a pretty good one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGnYu88A2Ws

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