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No: Reversible Computing embraces the (quantum mechanical) notion that information cannot ever be lost (cfr the “Black Hole Information Paradox”), and that therefore the output of a computation can only be a reshuffled but complete permutation of the input. Nix (for example) allows you to delete stuff and/or initialise a variable by zeroing it out and thus obliterating information. A reversible computing paradigm would not allow this. (In practical terms this information is dissipated as heat when memory deletes information.)

I am confused by the downvotes. The above post is correct even if not using the clearest of phrasings.

But I would like to nitpick: You really do not need to involve quantum mechanics. These effects are present in classical thermodynamics. They are just more explicit in quantum mechanics.

Thank you for the insight, that makes a lot of sense! I just ordered the Feynman Lectures on Computation, excited to read.

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