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I like the simplicity. It would be very tempting to make a more general-purpose "we need a sponsor for $X worth of Y", but by laser focusing on "we need pizza for N people," it makes things immediately understandable for everyone involved.

The downside is that there are probably lots of organizations left out by that, but for a really small tool looking for its first audience, that's probably a trade they're more than willing to make.

You are correct - this is exactly the thought process I went through.

In fact you can see here my original idea https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18063747

I called it "EatUp Sponsors" - a terrible name, but fine for the MVP.

When thinking about a better name I gave alot of thought to a more generalised brand, but then it came to me that every single meetup I ever went to only ever had pizza, and that there would be value in being, as you say, laser focused.

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