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> I'm not really sure such a thing exists (or can exist). Verilog isn't "programming" in any way most developers are familiar with, it's a way of describing how logic gates are interconnected.

I've just finished reading Code (https://www.amazon.com/Code-Language-Computer-Hardware-Softw...) that builds up a RAM array and 8-bit CPU starting from relays. I'm familiar with the concepts. I'm just looking for something that explains how to express these concepts using Verilog.

No disrespect to Petzold intended (I'm a huge fan of his technical works) but "Code" is at best at a pop-sci level. It prepares one for doing digital logic as well as "A Brief History Of Time" prepares one for doing coursework in cosmology.

Try the Brown book or Mano's "Digital Design" (my preference; took a while to remember his name) and see if it works for you. Good luck.

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