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Stan Lee dead at 95 (hollywoodreporter.com)
172 points by pdoconnell on Nov 12, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 26 comments

I'm happy that he lived a good life, I hope he rests in peace.

I'm an avid comic book collector, so he had a huge influence on my life.

His last few years were pretty tumultuous, and filled with controversy because of his "handlers" that appeared to be taking advantage of him. Stan Lee signing things at conventions looked more like a sweatshop than anything else, with his "handlers" having to tell him how to sign his name eventually. Hopefully they didn't inject themselves into his will or exploited him for huge gains.


I always chuckled at his cameo appearances in the movies. Always expected, but in unexpected situations. It was one distinguishing thing in his movies. Of course, the stories were too (depending on the movie).

What a phenomenal legacy he has created and left! He will be missed...and his appearance will be sorely missed in future movies!

Very few modern artists have contributed as much to culture (pop or otherwise) as Stan Lee. I'm just happy that his efforts (and others like him like Kirby, Alan Moore, Grant Morrisson, Brian Vaughan, Frank Miller, Miyazaki, Hosoda et al) have created a tour-de-force of modern-day storytelling.

It's almost ironic that I was just finishing a Batman arc when I first heard the news. The news of his death doesn't really leave me sad (He lived a fuller life than most of us ever will) but does find me acknowledging the end of an era.

Thank you Stan Lee!

Excelsior indeed


So long, Stan, and thanks for all the stories. I always enjoy looking out for the cameo role in all of the Marvel films.

Rest In Peace! I have not been a much of a Marvel fan but seeing his cameo in Venom was pretty cool. Now I have to go watch some more Marvel movies!

Wrote an article for him - The hero behind heroes https://medium.com/boosto/stan-lee-excelsior-the-hero-behind...

I knew this day was coming, I was waiting for how I might feel for me to experience the death of someone that inspiration for me. But unlike musicians and actors that often die 1/2 or 1/3rd (or 1/4th) this age, I was expecting and content with the outcome of his life.

Aside from the shock of the headline finally coming out, I think I can be content just saying so long.

In many ways, considering his life since his beloved wife passed (in bad health and sieged by vultures masquerading as friends), it was probably a relief.

Still, a universe without Stan The Man is a poorer one.

I know it's hard to pick, but what do people think is Stan Lee's greatest creation?

Commercially, the FF - the title that kickstarted a universe.

Culturally, SpiderMan - the superhero with superproblems.

Literarily, Silver Surfer or Dr. Doom, the most tragic figures in the early Marvel Universe.

The Stan Lee cameo.

Don't be flippant. The man changed the cultural landscape way before any movie of his creations had been shot.

That wasn't flippant. Comics were already pushing $2 an issue by the time I noticed them. TV, movies, and Netflix are my only exposure to his creations.

The cameo is something just about everyone knows about and enjoys. People who couldn't afford comics growing up and couldn't get into them later know it. It's iconic. That's great.

I agree here. I am not a fan of comic books nor superhero films. My wife loves them though so we have seen most Marvel movies and it id probably where I know Stan Lee from.

Though IIRC he appeared in "the big bang theory" as well.

Of course - his legacy are the characters and stories and not just the cameos :)

But cameos drawn into the comics were notable even before they were movies. That the movies continued the tradition made the cameos even better.

For me personally, Iron Man. As a kid, that comic had me amazed at the power of technology.

Thanks for the memories. The last cameo is going to be very emotional for viewers.

Which movie is that in?

I guess the second part of Infinity War, coming up next year. Filming of that one has long been completed. But I'm not up to speed with the MCU at large, so there might be some other minor movie. EDIT: there is Captain Marvel too, already wrapped; and there are rumours that others might have already been filmed, for projects further down the line.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he had already filmed one for Spider-Man: Far From Home, that one has wrapped production. It's a possibility that he may have some canned appearances meant for future movies as well, but I think FFH is the last one where they could have physically brought him onto the set.

His last "current" one was in Teen Titans Go to the movies, which is arguably his funniest cameo

Of the ones that are already out, he was in Venom. Right at the very end

It's daunting to think of how many words have been written in titles he cocreated.

He quite possibly helped create the largest piece of fiction humanity has ever written.

The neatest thing for Stan Lee must have been to see the realistic-looking movie adaptions of all those comics that he worked on for decades.

Right. He literally watched his imagination become as true as it possibly could.

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